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The Account Summary page is where you can locate and manage all of your accounts within PocketSmith. Learn how to adjust each bank accounts' settings here!

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The Account Summary page is where you can manage all your online and offline bank accounts in one place. It's easy to connect new bank feeds and upload bank files here too.

If you've added bank feeds to PocketSmith, use the Account Summary to see the status of each of your bank accounts - when they are synced, which accounts are ready to connect and whether or not there are any connection issues.

Once your accounts are added, you're able to edit each of your account's preferences and settings. You can use date pickers to display a particular period across all of your accounts and you can quickly access transactions for any account from the Account Summary.

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Frequently asked questions

What does the Ready to connect section mean at the top of my Account Summary page?

Once you've added a bank feed, next you'll need to connect your bank accounts from that bank feed, into PocketSmith. To do this, click on the drop down arrow in the Ready to connect section. For each account that you'd like to connect, either create a new account name for it or choose to add it to an existing account (option 2 is only recommended if you're adding a bank feed to an offline account). Learn more here:  Connect your bank accounts to PocketSmith

Will grouping accounts affect my PocketSmith account limit?

A grouped account acts as one account towards your account limit in PocketSmith. Even if the grouped account includes 5 accounts! Learn more here:  Everything you need to know about grouping accounts

I'm seeing an error on my bank feed, what should I do?

Try refreshing the connection again. Sometimes you'll need to do this a few times before it fixes itself - most bank feed error issues resolve themselves within 24 hours. See here how to perform a bank feed refresh:  Troubleshooting bank feed errors If refreshing your bank feed fails to fix the issue. Get in touch and we'll look into this for you!

How can I change the currency for an account?

Navigate to the account you want to change the currency for and click MANAGE ACCOUNT, select Account preferences and change the currency here.

Why do some of my accounts say "Offline account" and others say "Live feed account"?

Accounts that are connected to PocketSmith using a Bank feed are called a Live feed account. If you've created an account in PocketSmith that is only using imported bank files or a cash account, this is called an offline account. If you create an offline account using bank files, you can always add a bank feed to this account down the track if you decide to start importing your transactions with a bank feed!

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