Edit the details of your accounts

If you need to change some details about your accounts with PocketSmith, such as its name, account type, currency, or how a bank feed treats deleted transactions, have a read of the information below!

In this user guide

Reasons to change settings in your account preferences

  • Sometimes bank feeds can import an account name as the bank account number. You can change the name of an account to be something more meaningful.
  • If the currency for an account is wrong.
  • Editing import dates for a bank feed - bank feeds will usually pull in any transactions it can find. But if you'd like, you can choose to import transactions from a specific date going forward.
  • In summary, you can edit the following from your Account Preferences/Edit account window

Updating account preferences

Head to the Account Summary ( Manage > Account Summary)
Navigate to bank account that you want to change the preferences for
Click on Account Preferences 
Adjust your bank account preferences as required
Click Save

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