Deleting a bank account from PocketSmith

Occasionally, you may wish to delete a bank account from PocketSmith. This is useful if you've accidentally added an account that you do not wish to track, or if you've closed an account and don't want to keep any of its historical data. 

Reasons for deleting a bank account

Reasons for deleting a bank account include:

  • An account you don't wish to track within PocketSmith was added in error
  • You've closed an account, and don't want to keep any of its transaction history or data
  • You accidentally added duplicate accounts and need to remove one


If you've closed the bank account, but wish to keep the transaction history, you may instead want to consider archiving the account.

For more information about archiving, see our user guide: Archiving and keeping transactions for closed accounts


Deleting an account will delete all of its transactions, budgets, bills, and scenarios. However, you can choose to move the account's budgets and scenarios to another account during the deletion process.

Deleting a bank account from PocketSmith

  1. Head to the Account Summary ( Manage > Account Summary)
  2. Locate the account you want to delete, then click  MANAGE ACCOUNT

  3. Click  Delete account

  4. When deleting your account, you can choose to keep your budgets and scenarios, merge them into another account, or delete them entirely. Choose your preferred option from the drop-down menu and then click Delete account name


    By default, an account's budgets and scenarios will be kept (you'll see this option automatically chosen in the drop-down menu). If you keep the budgets and scenarios but don't choose to merge them into another account upon deletion, you will be able to access the budgets and scenarios (after the account is deleted) from the  Organize Accounts and Scenarios page


    If you choose the option  Delete budgets and scenarios, we'll display exactly what will be deleted below the drop-down menu. Once you complete the account the deletion, the budgets and scenarios cannot be recovered.

  5. Type DELETE in the text box that appears and click  OK to confirm and delete the account

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