Archiving and keeping transactions for old accounts

Rather than deleting accounts and transactions that you no longer use, you can group old accounts together, creating an archive of your old transactions.

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Creating an archive group

When creating an archive group, it's best to create a new offline account to act as a primary account (scenario) for the group. This step makes it easier to distinguish and make changes to individual accounts within the group and acts as a container for the group.

Once the new offline account has been created, you can group any accounts you'd like to archive with this primary account.

Step 1: Create a new offline account to act as the group's primary account


Head to the Account Summary

Select the existing bank you'd like to add the new account to from the left side panel (you can use any bank).
Click + New offline account in the toolbar and select From a file import
Fill in the account details as follows:

  • Set the account name to be the name you would like the account group to have,
  • Set the currency to match the accounts that will be grouped (an account group must be one single currency)
  • Leave the opening balance as 0.00
  • Select the Account type

Then, click Save and continue

Your account is now created! Because you won't be adding bank files, click the X on the top of the form.

Step 2: Add accounts to your account group

Once you've created your group container, you can add any accounts you'd like to archive as outlined below

Grouping accounts via the Organize Accounts & Scenarios page

Head to Organize Accounts & Scenarios ( Manage > Organize Accounts & Scenarios)
Navigate to an account you would like to archive      
Hover over  Manage to open the drop-down menu and select Group
Next, choose the offline account you created as the group container from the drop-down menu.

Then, click Group account
Repeat the above steps again to add any other old accounts to this group
Your new grouped account will appear together on the Organise Accounts & Scenarios page, and you'll be able to see the accounts within the group
Consider moving your archive group to display at the bottom of your account list as outlined here:  Change the display order of your accounts

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