Once you've added your transaction to PocketSmith, use the Transactions page to search, filter, and edit transactions. Attach documents and notes to your transactions too!

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Transactions Overview

The transactions page is where you can inspect everything about each transaction you make. View a full picture of transactions across all of your accounts, or view earning and spending on specific accounts by selecting the account from the side panel on the left of the Transaction page.

To edit a transaction, head to the Transactions page and click on the transaction. This will open the transaction card where you can make changes:

  • Rename a merchant 
  • Assign to a category 
  • Choose the transaction type (income, expense, or transfer) 
  • Add notes, labels and attachments 
  • Split the transaction 
  • Send an expense claim to Xero

You can use the Search function to:

  • Find groups of like transactions, quickly
  • Apply filters to bulk edit a group of transactions at once
  • Search for transactions of a specific amount or certain dates
  • Save searches you find you use often and quickly access them from the side panel

Sometimes you'll notice transactions display a ⚠️  icon, this means the transaction is pending - it hasn't been confirmed by your bank yet. This is usually resolved after a few days.

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