Removing transfers from the Transactions page pie chart and bar graph

Although PocketSmith won't automatically remove transfers from the  Transactions income & expense pie chart and bar graph, you can learn how to remove them in the user guide below!

In this user guide 

Transfer transactions on the Transaction page

Unlike the automatic  removal of transfer categories from other reports, PocketSmith doesn't automatically exclude transfer categories from the transaction search result and resulting transactions graphs. The Transaction pie chart and bar graph display a breakdown of your categories and will always reflect the current search criteria of your transactions. 

This means you will need to  change the search criteria to remove transfers from the Transaction pie chart.

Steps to remove transfer transactions from the pie chat and bar graph

Head to the Transaction page and click on the search icon in the top right corner

Click Transaction type and select Non-transfers only from the drop-down (remember - transfers in this instance are only referring to transactions marked as transfers )

Click  SEARCH, and all non-transfer transfer transactions will be displayed on the page and in the Transaction pie chart
If you want to view non-transfer transactions often, then after performing the search, click  SAVE, and it will then show in your Saved Searches on the side panel of the Transaction page.

Remove transfers from other areas of PocketSmith

Learn all about transfer categories and how they are automatically removed from other areas in PocketSmith in our user guide:  Setting up transfer categories in PocketSmith

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