Transactions income and expense pie chart

Use the Transactions pie chart to see a breakdown of your transactions into income and expenses, or into categories.

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Using the Transactions pie chart

The Transactions pie chart allows you to see a breakdown of your transactions into income and expense or categories. The data in the pie chart can be based on any option from the  sidebar on the Transactions page (for example - All transactions or a particular account or category), or a transactions search

Here is an example of the pie chart based on All transactions:

Select the pie graph icon on the top of the Transactions page ( Accounts > T ransactions). By default the Transactions page will display all transactions.
You will then see a pie chart representing the total of your income and expense transactions
Hover over the name or section of the pie chart to see the percentage and totals for the section
Click on either the income or expense section of the pie chart to see the contributing income or expense categories
If a category has sub-categories, you can click on the category to show a breakdown of the sub-categories within that category
If the category does not have sub-categories and you click on it, that section will separate from the pie chart and it will show the total for that category on the right side
If you'd like to see the transactions that make up the total amount within an expense click SEE TRANSACTIONS to the right of the graph 


In order to exclude transfers from the pie chart, you can change the 'Transaction type' search criteria to only show 'Non-transfer' transactions. For more detail on how to do this see Removing transfers from the transactions pie chart

Additional options for the Transactions pie chart

To the right of the pie chart, you'll see a couple of options allowing you to easily:

  • Change the date range
  • Switch to income or expense (depending on what you're currently viewing)
  • Reset the graph


The transactions pie chart allows you to easily drill-down into sub-categories. However, it's not possible to go back a step to the category above once drilled down. You will need to reset the graph and drill back down again.

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