Understanding negative values in PocketSmith

Learn the difference between how positive and negative values are displayed in PocketSmith.
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Negative values in PocketSmith

Transactions and account balances

Expense transactions and negative account balances are displayed in PocketSmith with brackets surrounding them.

For example:

PocketSmith will display ($1,345.98) rather than -$1,345.98

Budget values on the calendar

Expense budgets on the calendar are not displayed with brackets around them and instead are displayed in red. However, if you select the option Show actuals in history - this will display actual transactions (either credits or debits). Any expense (debit) transactions will be shown with brackets around them. 

Examples of negative values 

Account balances

Negative account balances are displayed with brackets around them.

Debit transactions on the Transactions page and the Dashboard

Debit transactions are displayed with brackets around them including the debit side of a transfer transaction

Expense Budgets on the calendar

Expense budgets on the Calendar are displayed in red but do not have brackets around their value

'Actuals' - debit transactions on the Calendar

After selecting the option on the calendar - Show actuals in history - figures are displayed showing the total value of actual transactions that were made in each of your accounts. Debit values are displayed with brackets around them.


If money has been transferred between two accounts and both accounts have been selected to display on the Calendar (from the left sidebar), these values will show in black.

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