Starting your PocketSmith transaction history from a specific date

When you first add your bank into PocketSmith, the bank feed attempts to gather and import up to the last 90 days of your transaction history. If you would prefer to start your PocketSmith history from an earlier or later date than this initial import, the following user guide will show you how!
In this user guide

Removing transactions before a specific date

If you'd like to start your transaction history after the initial import start date, this can be done by removing transactions before a specific date. 

You will need to first create a  transactions search that shows all the transactions before that date. Using the results of your search, you can then create a Filter to delete these transactions from your PocketSmith.

Head to the Transactions page
Click on the Magnifying glass to open the Search panel, and select Dates
Choose Before from the drop-down and select the date from which you'd like your transaction history to begin. Then click SEARCH


If you find the search panel is getting in the way, you can click the magnifying glass icon in order to collapse the search panel whilst maintaining your search results

Once you have run the search and the transactions that match are displayed on the Transactions page, click MAKE FILTER
You will then be able to choose what actions you'd like to be applied by the filter. Check Delete

If you want this filter to be applied to all matching existing transactions (as well as all future imported transactions that match the search criteria), tick the checkbox Apply filter to matching transactions
You will be prompted to name your filter. Enter a name and click OK to save your filter

Now, all new transactions matching the criteria will be deleted, if not matched by a previous filter already!

Importing older transaction history

To import transactions that are older than those brought in by the initial bank feed import (up to 90 days), upload bank files from your online banking into PocketSmith 🗓. 

The following user guide explains how to import bank files: Importing bank files into PocketSmith

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