Getting Started

Welcome to PocketSmith! We've got a bunch of user guides to teach you about using the application, but here is a quick summary of the basics to get you started.


Import your bank accounts

There are a few different options for importing your data into PocketSmith:

⚡️ Bank feeds
Bank feeds are the most convenient way to add your accounts and import your transactions automatically into PocketSmith. We've got all the details here: Adding a bank feed and establishing your accounts

📂  Bank files 
Bank files are a great alternative to bank feeds. You can easily export bank files from your online banking and import them into PocketSmith. Find out all about bank files here Bank files

✅  Move from another app
If you're moving from another app, you can import files from another personal finance manager into PocketSmith. We have custom import tools for many personal finance apps, but if yours isn't supported get in touch and we'll advise on the best way to import your data!


Categorize your transactions

Once you've added your transactions, you'll need to sort them into categories. If you have our automatic categorization feature switched on, this will happen in the background for you. Alternately, you can create and assign categories yourself using category rules and filters.

Check out everything you need to know about categories and categorizing your transactions here:  Categories and Categorizing your transactions


Create your budgets and forecast

When your transactions are loaded into PocketSmith and categorized, you can start creating budgets for each category. Budgets help you to see the bigger picture of your earning and spending and help you keep on top of your financial goals.

Everything you need to know about budgets: Budgets

Quick Answers

I'm new to this, what's the best way for me to get started?

To get started you’ll want to add your transactions and accounts to PocketSmith. Bank feeds are the most convenient way to add your accounts and transactions. Once you've added your transactions, sort them into categories. Next, set budgets for each of your categories to track your earning and spending and work towards your financial goals!

Can I try out PocketSmith with demo data before I get started?

Sure thing! After creating an account select the DEMO MODE option. PocketSmith will provide you with sample data so you can get a feel for the system. 

Can I use PocketSmith without bank feeds?

Yes - if you can’t add bank feeds to connect your accounts, you also have the option to import bank files into PocketSmith

Can I use PocketSmith without importing transactions with bank feeds or bank files?

You sure can! Check out this user guide for more information: Using PocketSmith without bank feeds or bank files

How do I bring my data into PocketSmith?

The best way to do this is to use our bank feeds feature which means your transaction history is imported and automatically updated every time you log in to PocketSmith. You can also import bank files to backfill your transaction history beyond the bank feed, or if you'd prefer not to use bank feeds!

I'm using another personal finance manager at the moment, can I migrate to PocketSmith and bring all my data?

Yes, it's easy! Just check out our user guide: Moving to PocketSmith from another personal finance app

Can I create my own categories, or will PocketSmith create them all for me?

It's up to you! If you'd prefer to create your own, that's all doable from the categories page. PocketSmith will also try to categorize your transactions for you as best as possible, but if you'd prefer not to use this feature, you can learn more about automatic categorization from the bank feed and how to turn it off here: Automatic categorization of your transactions from the Bank Feed

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