Getting Started

Welcome to PocketSmith! We've got a bunch of articles to point you in the right direction, but here is a quick summary of the basics to get you started! We have gathered together the most relevant articles, along with some guidelines and suggestions for the initial set up process!

Let's get started

Add your bank accounts

As soon as you have created your PocketSmith account, you have a checklist. The first step on your checklist is to import your accounts and their transactions - such as bank, credit card and loan accounts. If you would like to add more accounts after completing the checklist, you can do this on your Account Summary page which provides you with an overview of all of the accounts you have within PocketSmith. For now, we'll outline how to add your bank accounts via the checklist.

Bank account import options

  • Upload your bank files 
    (easily create your accounts by uploading bank files from your online banking)

    You can easily export bank files directly from your online banking and then import them into PocketSmith. Bank files are commonly used to backfill transaction history as bank feeds only go back three months. Bank files are also a good option if you'd prefer not to set up bank feeds. 

    Everything you need to know about Bank Files:  Bank files

Add your bank accounts without importing your transaction history

If you're not ready to add a bank feed or import bank files yet, or if you simply don't need updated transactions to manage your finances, take a look at other ways PocketSmith can be used.

Using the Forecast Calendar without my transactions
We have a ton of users who simply love to run their whole budget with the forecast calendar. You do not necessarily need transactions to do this, just a rough idea of your income and expenses. Quickly punch in new budget numbers to see your financial future!
Manually add my transactions one by one
It takes a bit of work, but we do have users who do it! Head over to the Transactions page and use the + Add button in the toolbar to add your transactions. Add merchants, amounts, labels, notes, and more.
To get started with PocketSmith by just using the calendar or manual transactions, you will need to follow this article:  Using PocketSmith without bank feeds or bank files

Categorize your transactions

Once you've added your Transactions, you'll need to sort them into categories. If you have our automatic categorization feature switched on, this will happen in the background for you. Or you can create and assign categories yourself using transaction rules and filters.

Everything you need to know about categories and categorizing your transactions:  Categories & Category Rules

Create your budgets and forecast

When all your transactions are loaded into PocketSmith and categorized, you can then create budgets for each category. Budgets help you to see the bigger picture of your earning and spending and help you keep on top of your financial goals.    

Everything you need to know about budgets:  Budgets

Frequently asked questions

How do I bring my data into PocketSmith?

The best way to do this is to use our bank feeds feature which means your transaction history is imported and automatically updated every time you log in to PocketSmith. You can also import transaction files to backfill beyond the bank feed, or if you'd prefer not to use bank feeds! Learn more about Bank feeds: and Bank files

I'm using another personal finance manager at the moment, can I migrate to PocketSmith and bring all my data?

Yes it's easy! Just check out our article:  Moving to PocketSmith from another personal finance app

Can I create my own categories, or will PocketSmith create them all for me?

It's up to you! If you'd prefer to create your own, that's all doable from the categories page. PocketSmith will try to categorise your transactions for you as best as possible, but if you'd prefer not to use this feature, learn more about automatic categorisation from the bank feed and how to turn it off:  Automatic categorization of your transactions from the Bank Feed

I'd like to give PocketSmith a go before I add my own data, can I do this?

Sure thing! After creating an account, from the checklist select the sample data option. PocketSmith will provide you with sample data so you can get a feel for the system. Want to learn more or still have questions? Just get in touch!

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