Adding a bank feed and establishing your accounts

Bank feeds are convenient as they automatically fetch your transactions and import them into PocketSmith for you. Add your online bank accounts to PocketSmith with a bank feed to automate the importing of your transactions!

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Adding a bank feed from the Checklist or Account Summary page

If you have just signed up to PocketSmith, you will be introduced to your Checklist. From here, you can add bank feeds and set up new bank accounts. You can also add new bank feeds once you're already set up in PocketSmith from the Account Summary page.

UK or EU bank feeds?

UK and EU bank feeds are accessed via our alternative bank feed provider, Salt Edge. For details on adding UK or EU bank feeds, please see: Salt Edge: UK & EU bank feeds


Option A: The Checklist

From the Checklist, select the option  Connect bank feed accounts

Option B: Account Summary page

From the Account Summary page ( Accounts > Account Summary), click Add new bank feed and then select Connect to a new bank

Enter your bank in the search field and click Search (or choose from the options provided)


If your bank feed is one of our "Most used" bank feeds, we'll display this for you. If this is the bank feed you'd like to add, select Add bank feed (jump to step 5).

If you don't see your bank, click See all search results.


If your bank feed isn't one of our "Most used", or you selected See all search results, PocketSmith will display a list of all matching bank feeds for your country. If you are searching for a bank from a different country, click See all search results for all countries.

Tick the check-boxes for the bank feeds you would like to add, and then click Add selected feeds.


If you are not sure whether one of the bank feeds shown is the one you are looking for, click the house or mouse icon to see if the listed website URL matches your bank.

Select the account types you hold with that bank (e.g. credit cards, banking, loans, etc.), then click NEXT 

For example, if you don't have any loan accounts, unselect  Loans
You'll then be asked whether you'd like to turn on automatic categorization from the bank feed, or manage your own categorization and rules.

Select the appropriate option, then click NEXT

In the form, enter your online banking credentials for the chosen bank, then click CONNECT


Ensure that the bank feed credential form isn’t being auto-filled by your browser or a password manager. If the wrong credentials are sent repeatedly, you could get locked out of your online banking site.

The bank feed will then sync to Pocketsmith, which may take a few minutes. 

You'll know the sync has been successful when its status changes to Synced and the Ready to link section shows at the top of the Account Summary page.

Congratulations! Your bank feed has been successfully added, and you're ready to link your accounts.

To learn how to link your accounts and begin importing your transactions, see: Establishing your bank feed accounts in PocketSmith


If you get a connection error, try syncing the feed a few more times. Click the drop-down arrow on the account with the connection issue and click Try again.

If the issue persists, check the list of known issues here, or get in touch with us!

Establishing your bank feed accounts in PocketSmith

Once your bank feed has been added and connected to PocketSmith, you're ready to link any existing offline accounts to your bank feed and establish any new bank feed accounts.


Click GO in the Ready to link section

If you have any existing offline accounts, you'll be asked if you want to link each offline account to a feed account. 

  • To link an existing offline account, select the appropriate feed account from the drop-down and click NEXT
  • If you don't wish to link a feed to your offline account(s), click SKIP

If you don't have any offline accounts, this option will not display - jump to step 3.

Your available unlinked feed accounts will be shown. 

If you wish to ignore any of the accounts, deselect the checkbox beside them. Click  NEXT to add the selected accounts to PocketSmith.

Your bank feed accounts have been established, and a summary of the accounts that have been established or ignored will be shown. Congratulations!

Accounts don't appear immediately after connecting a bank feed

After you set up a bank feed, some of your accounts may take a while longer to appear in PocketSmith than others. Generally, all accounts will complete their syncing within 10 minutes. However, if you find that you are still missing accounts after 24 hours, get in touch with us, and we'll investigate the issue.

Keeping your bank feed up-to-date in PocketSmith

To ensure your bank feeds are syncing correctly and your transactions are being kept up to date, we recommend logging into your PocketSmith account a minimum of once every 4 weeks - but more often is even better!

If your bank feed requires additional security information, then you will need to log into PocketSmith at least once every 4 weeks to respond to security requirements to sync your bank feed and keep your transactions up to date. If you do not sync your bank feed for over 4 weeks, this may result in missing transactions.

If your bank feed does not require additional security information, we still recommend logging in at least once every 4 weeks. This allows you to spot any errors affecting your bank feed and ensures your bank feed will regularly update, according to our automatic syncing schedule.

Please note that logging in once every 4 weeks is the bare minimum! To stay engaged with your finances and ensure your bank feeds are running smoothly, it's best to log in at least once every 2 weeks.

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