Adding more credentials to an Akahu feed

If you have more than one login or credentials for an existing Akahu feed, you can authorize Akahu to access the new accounts via the existing connection already added in PocketSmith.

You will need to follow these steps if you want to connect your partner's accounts at the same bank, your business accounts, or any other accounts you have at the same bank with different logins.

In this guide, we provide instructions for enabling more credentials with Akahu.


This guide covers how to add a second set of credentials for Akahu feeds.

If you're using Yodlee, Plaid or Salt Edge feeds, the process is slightly different. See: Adding more than one set of credentials to an existing feed instead.

Adding more than one set of credentials (or online banking logins) to an Akahu feed

  1. Head to the Feeds page (Manage > Feeds)
  2. Click the three-dot menu on the feed you'd like to add the new credentials to, and select Authorize


  4. You will then be taken to the  Akahu Connect interface  pop-up window. Step through the Akahu verification process until you get to the screen with your accounts listed. 


    When you are adding the second credentials, when Akahu asks for you to  Verify your email, it is important that you enter the same email address you did for your first set of credentials. We recommend using the email address associated with your PocketSmith user account.


  5. Click the connect new accounts link that appears within Akahu as below.

  6. Click log into a different XX account, as below.

  7. Enter your extra set of credentials, and click CONTINUE. Follow the prompts to add these credentials to your Akahu.

  8. When you have added your second credentials, all of your bank accounts will be listed. The accounts you previously connected will already be selected, but the ones you've just added will not be selected.

    Tick all new accounts you'd like to make available to PocketSmith. You may need to scroll down to access them all.

    Then, select Connect from the bottom of the screen.

  9. Once you're back in PocketSmith and the Connection is synced, those accounts will appear within the Unlinked Accounts section on the Connection, ready to link up! Find more steps for this here: Steps to link a feed to an account.

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