Linking feed accounts to existing accounts

Once you've connected your feeds to your bank, you need to link your feed accounts in PocketSmith.
If you've already got some existing accounts that belong to the same bank as the feed you've just connected, this guide is for you! You might have existing accounts that were previously linked to a feed from another data provider, or accounts which have been imported when you were setting up your PocketSmith user account for the first time.

Don't have any existing accounts in PocketSmith?

If you're starting from scratch without any existing accounts in PocketSmith belonging to the bank you're connecting a feed for, then we'd recommend following this guide: Linking your feed accounts to brand new accounts.

Will I lose any transaction data when linking to an existing account?

When you link a feed account to an existing account in PocketSmith, the most recent day of posted transactions, and up to 6 days of pending transactions will be removed and replaced when the accounts are linked.

This ensures that the most recent day of posted transactions in the account is complete. If your last day of posted transactions wasn't removed, then it may result in an incomplete record of all transactions on that day. For example, if you uploaded a transaction file at midday, then all transactions after midday would be missed - unless the last day of transactions is replaced with the feed transactions.

The removal of up to 6 days of pending transactions ensures that you aren't left with permanently pending transactions, which would never be replaced with their posted counterpart transactions when those arrive.

Suggested links between feed accounts and existing accounts

When you're on the account linking page for a feed, PocketSmith tries to suggest existing accounts that should be linked to the feed accounts found. It does this by looking for similarities between account namesaccount numbers, and bank names.

When there is a suggested link between a feed account and an existing account, the existing account will automatically be chosen in the dropdown and "Link to [existing account name]". If you open the dropdown, these will appear as a "suggested" existing account to link to, indicated by the below tag alongside the account:

In cases where a suggested account link can't be made, but you do have an existing account that should be linked to the feed, you're able to specify the correct existing account by using the dropdown.

Steps to link your accounts to suggested existing accounts

You'll have suggested existing accounts if you're relinking accounts that have previously been linked to a feed, or you've imported accounts with account names and numbers similar to your feed accounts. The below walks you through linking these accounts.

  1. From the Feeds page, click LINK ACCOUNTS for the feed you want to link accounts for

  2. When all accounts have a suggested link found, you'll see that the dropdown on the right side of the page is automatically set to "Link to..." the matching account.

  3. If you open the dropdown next to a given feed account, you'll be shown the "suggested" label. For example, the "Mortgage 746833" account below shows the "suggested" label within the account.

    We recommend checking the linked accounts for accuracy before proceeding.

  4. Once you're happy that each feed account is going to be linked with the correct existing account, click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page to complete the linking process.
  5. Your accounts will now be linked, and new transactions will flow in for the linked accounts, without affecting any older transactions.

Steps to link your accounts when there are no suggested existing accounts

In some cases, you might have existing accounts that should have been suggested for to link to a feed account, but they aren't due to some differences in account name, account number, or bank name. PocketSmith tries to cast a wide net to find the correct existing account to suggest a link with, however sometimes this isn't possible. The below steps discuss the process of selecting an existing account that isn't being automatically selected.

  1. From the Feeds page, click LINK ACCOUNTS for the feed you want to link accounts for

  2. In the below example, a number of suggested existing accounts to link to have been selected already. However as the Credit Card 13000 account hasn't got a suggested existing account selected, we'll need to select the correct existing account from the dropdown.

  3. Once we open the dropdown, we see a "Link to Visa Card" option. Though the account name and number differ from the Credit Card feed account, the balance of the account is the same. It's rare that the account number would differ, however it is possible if you've imported a credit card from a personal finance application and your credit card number has changed at some point in the past.

    Things to look for to identify a correct existing account link include the account name, account number, and the balance of the account.

    If you don't find a matching existing account and can't find any, you might want to consider choosing "Create new account in PocketSmith".

  4. Once we're confident that this is the correct existing account to link this feed account to, we select it from the list, and it now appears adjacent to our Credit Card 13000 feed account.

  5. Before we click the SUBMIT button to complete linking, we can open up the dropdowns to confirm the suggested links, if we're unsure. For example, clicking the dropdown for the Mortgage 746833 Account shows this is the highlighted "Suggested" account link within.

  6. Once we're happy with the account linking to existing accounts that we've got set up, we click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page, taking us to the confirmation page that all our accounts have now been linked.


If you receive a message such as the one below, it means that you're about to create a feed account that should likely have been linked to an existing account, which PocketSmith believes will result in duplicated accounts and transactions.

We recommend going back from this step and checking that you definitely want to create all accounts which have Create new account in PocketSmith next to them in the dropdowns.

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