Feed sync settings

PocketSmith automatically syncs your feeds by default, however, you can manually trigger a sync of your feeds at any time. You can also turn off the automatic sync setting so that your feed only syncs when manually triggered. Learn about these sync options below!

Trigger a sync for a feed

Triggering a sync on a feed can be useful when:

  • The security information requested when your feed synced was not entered in time 
  • A feed has an error, and re-syncing the feed may fix it

Follow the steps below to trigger a sync:

  1. Head to the Feeds page ( Manage > Feeds)
  2. Locate the feed you'd like to trigger a sync on
  3. Click SYNC NOW or TRY AGAIN ( 'Try again' displays if the feed has an error)

Change feed syncing to be only manually triggered

You may want to turn off PocketSmith's Automatic syncing setting so that a feed only syncs when manually triggered by you.


This setting only affects syncs that are performed from within PocketSmith. Changing this setting will not prevent our data partners from performing their own scheduled daily syncs on your feeds.

You can disable Automatic syncing on a feed with the following steps:

  1. Head to the Feeds page (Manage > Feeds)
  2. Locate the feed you'd like to change to manual syncing only
  3. Hover over the three-dot menu in the top right of a feed and select Feed options

  4. Untick the  Automatic syncing option

  5. Click SAVE CHANGESYour feed will now only update when you manually trigger a feed sync as detailed here: Trigger a sync for a feed

Syncing for feeds that require Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

If your bank requires you to input additional security details, PocketSmith recognizes this, and the feed will only sync once you sign into PocketSmith to enter the required information. 

For more detail on MFA please see: Multi-factor authentication (MFA) on feeds

SMS or email alerts when feeds sync

If you have enabled SMS or email alerts for your online banking logins, you will also receive these messages when your feeds sync. 

This is because a data provider may sync your feed while you are not logged into PocketSmith, you may receive these messages when you are not signed in to your PocketSmith account. You may like to consider disabling text alerts on your bank website as these can be sent very early in the morning, depending on your time zone!


If you receive an unexpected One Time Password (OTP) request while you are not signed into PocketSmith, please send us a message, and we’ll look into this for you.

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