Using PocketSmith without bank feeds or bank files

Some people like to use PocketSmith without connecting bank feeds or importing bank files, instead, adding their own transactions manually or just using budgets on the calendar. This user guide explains how to set up a PocketSmith account without adding bank feeds or bank files and manually adding transactions. If you want to learn how to only use the PocketSmith Calendar and budgets and not add manual transactions either, check out this user guide

In this user guide

Create an account without bank feeds or bank files

When creating a new PocketSmith account, your Checklist asks you to either Connect bank feed accounts, Move from another app or Upload your bank files. However, if you'd prefer to create an account where you either manually add your transactions, or, create an account that doesn't have transactions at all, use the steps below.


You won't be able to create an account without bank feeds or bank files from the checklist. Instead, make sure you are logged into your PocketSmith account and head straight to the Account Summary page using this link:  Account Summary


Ensure  Create a new bank first is ticked, then click Start 

Enter the name for the bank and adjust the currency if needed, select  Accounts from a file import and then click  Save (don't worry, you won't need to import bank files)

Create a new account at the bank you've just added. Add details such as the Account name, the Currency, the Opening balance, Date and the Account type, then click Save and continue

PocketSmith  now asks you to upload a file which you don't need to do, so click the X on the form

The account has now been created and you can go ahead and  add your transactions manually or use the Calendar with a scenario-only account

Manually add transactions to my account


If you have access to the Transactions page in your menu bar begin at step three.

If you've successfully created an empty account from the Checklist, it's likely you may not have access to the Transactions page in your menu bar yet. Follow the steps below to add transactions. 

Select MANAGE ACCOUNT on the account you have just created 

Select View transactions

Now you should find yourself on the transactions page where you can navigate to PocketSmith's manual input feature
Click Add in the top toolbar, hover to Manual input, and then click on your account which will display in your menu

Begin manually entering your transactions. You can add one at a time, or add multiple transactions by clicking  Add another.

Once you're happy, click Save all transactions

Using budgets on the Calendar without adding transactions

The forecast calendar is a quick way to calculate future finances if you already have a good handle on your earning and spending habits. Easily add income and expense budgets on the calendar for set periods and see future outcomes of your set budgets by checking the account balance displayed on any single day in the future. 

Learn more about this here:  Using Budgets on the Calendar for scenario-only accounts

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