Using the Transactions page

The Transactions page is where you can see all of your transactions in one place. 
You can edit, analyze or break down your transactions into particular categories or search criteria to get a better idea of your earning and spending. Use the Transactions page to search, filter, edit and attach documents and notes to your transactions! 💵  💳  ✨

In this user guide

Your transactions listing

All of your transactions are presented on the Transactions page in a table with 8 columns. 

The columns on the Transactions page 


Checkbox: This allows you to select multiple transactions to edit or apply categorization to in bulk. Clicking the checkbox in the header row will select all transactions on the page


Transfer and pending: A transfer  or pending  icon will be displayed beside any transaction that has been marked as a transfer or is pending


Date: See the date of the transaction; transactions are sorted Newest > Oldest by default, clicking the column header will reverse the sort order


Merchant: This is the merchant name of the transaction that is imported with the bank feed, bank file or manual input; clicking on the column header will sort the transactions by merchant name


Amount: This column displays the amount of a transaction (negative amounts are in brackets); clicking the column header will change how the transactions are sorted by amount


Category: This shows the category that a transaction is assigned to, clicking on the column header will change how the transactions are sorted based on category


Account: The account the transaction is in; clicking on the column header will sort the transactions by account


Balance: The balance of that particular transaction's account at the time of the transaction

Making changes to your transactions

The transactions page is also where you can edit, delete, split and categorize your transactions.

Learn more about these actions in the following user guides:

The Transactions page is like a search engine for your transactions. We go into more detail about using the search panel on the Transactions page here:  Searching your transactions.

Use the sidebar on the left of the Transactions page to quickly view transactions based on different criteria.

Transaction viewing options

  • Uncategorized items
    All the transactions that have not had a category assigned to them
  • Awaiting confirmation 
    See user guide:  Reviewing imported transactions
  • All transactions 
    This will show all transactions imported into PocketSmith. Clicking this is an easy way to clear all search criteria
  • Search results 
    If using extra criteria from the search box, this will be shown
  • Saved Searches 
    See all of the searches you have saved for easy access. See user guide: Using the search panel
  • Accounts 
    All of your transaction accounts are displayed here (this doesn't include asset and liabilities as they don't have transactions). Select an account to see its transactions
  • Categories 
    All of your categories are listed here - select a category to see all of the transactions associated with it

Example: Viewing all transactions in one category

Head to the Transactions page
On the left sidebar, click  Categories. If you can't see the sidebar, click the menu in the top left of the screen

Select a category to see its associated transactions


If you want to see transactions in more than one category, check out our user guide:  Using the search panel to learn how to create a search based on more than one category. 

Sum totals for transactions

Save yourself a trip to the calculator by using the sum total feature on the Transactions page.

Located in the top right of the Transactions page, PocketSmith will display the sum total of the transactions listed. If you selected some of the transactions, the total displayed will be based on those transactions.

  • No transactions selected
    Click on the value to see the sum total, as well as the total in, and total out.

  • Transactions selected
    Click on the value to see the sum, total in, and total out of the selected transactions.

Transactions totals with Multi-currency enabled 

If you have multi-currency enabled, the Transactions total will display differently depending on whether you have chosen to 'show balances in base currency instead of native' or not.

  • Show balances in  base currency not enabled
    If you have chosen to display your multi-currency account balances in their native currencies, you'll see the totals for each currency displayed separately. 

  • Show balances in base currency enabled:
    If you've chosen to 'show balances in base currency instead of native', your transactions will be converted to your base currency using the current exchange rate. 


If ' Show transactions in base currency' is enabled but PocketSmith isn't able to get an exchange rate for a transaction that is included the total, it will safely fall back to show in separate currencies.

Graphs and charts

Choose from a line graph, pie chart, or transactions histogram view to analyze your transactions. 

  • Line graph
    The line graph shows the balances of your accounts over a period of time, based on the accounts in the current search criteria.


    The date range of the Transactions page line graph cannot be extended into the future. To see your forecast balances, head to the Calendar

  • Pie chart
    The pie chart shows a breakdown of the categories based on the current search criteria. For detail on using the pie chart check out: Transactions pie chart
  • Transactions histogram
    The transactions histogram shows the amount of income and/or expense transactions based on the current search results. Displayed as a bar graph, data can be broken down into daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly periods over the date range selected.

Click on the magnifying glass to open the search panel and filter your transactions by specific criteria, or, use the sidebar to filter your transactions by account, category, or saved search.

The transaction listing and the chart displayed will reflect these search results.

The toolbar

Above your list of transactions, there is a toolbar with additional options. Some options will only appear here once transactions have been selected.

  • Category 
    Add a category to the selected transactions  (Only shows when one or more transactions have been selected) 
  • Labels 
    Add labels to the selected transactions   (Only shows when one or more transactions have been selected) 
  • More 
    Edit the selected categories with multiple criteria, learn more here:  Editing multiple transactions in bulk (Only shows when one or more transactions have been selected) 
  • Add
    Manually add a transaction or import bank files
  • Tools 
    Quick search tools to help you locate either duplicate or possible transfer transactions
  • Export
    Download the transactions in the current search in XLSX or CSV format, see user guide:  Exporting your transactions

  • View density 
    Change how the transactions are shown: Comfortable, Cozy or Compact
  • Show __ entries 
    Choose how many transactions are shown on each page (10, 25, 50, 100, or 200)
  • Arrows
    Allow you to move forward and backward through your transaction pages

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