How to set up multi-currency support

Multi-currency support is activated as soon as you have one or more accounts in PocketSmith with different currencies from your default base currency.
Currency selectors are now available in three places within PocketSmith:
  1. You can set a base currency, which is your default currency. This means that if you have accounts in other currencies, they will be converted to this. The base currency is typically set to the country that you currently reside in. You can change in Settings > User Preferences.

  2. A currency can be set for each account. Each account defaults to the base currency, but if it is different, conversion information will be shown. Change an account's currency in the account's Manage Account > Account Preferences section.

  3. A currency can be set for each institution. This only has an effect when viewing an institution in the Account Summary, converting all accounts within that institution to the institutions currency. This is set from the institution's Edit menu.

For most people, all that you'll need to check is that your base currency and individual account currencies are correct.

More information on Multi Currency

More information on the current multi-currency features can be found here, and you can also review the caveats and to-dos for the feature while it's in beta.

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