Adding new categories and categorizing your transactions

Categorizing your transactions is important in order to understand your earning and spending in PocketSmith. So it's a good idea make sure your categories are set up to accurately reflect your earning and spending areas.

You can use our ready-to-go set of categories, or create and tailor your own!

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Using categories in PocketSmith

When you first get started in PocketSmith using the Checklist and you've added your transactions with bank feeds or bank files, you'll then need to sort your transactions into categories. Once you have your transactions assigned to categories, you can create budgets for your categories and track your earning and spending! 

If you have the bank feed automatic categorization feature switched on, this will happen in the background for you or you can create and assign categories yourself!

When you first get started you might like to consider heading to the Categories page to set up the bulk of your categories that you'll use to assign your transactions to. 


If you're not sure of the exact categories you'd like to add when you first get started in PocketSmith - don't worry! You can change, delete, add and edit your categories later 🌟  

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Adding a new category & applying categories to transactions

There are a number of different places in PocketSmith where you can add new categories - on the Categories page, the Transactions page or the Categorize Items page. You can also categorize your transactions on the Transactions page or the Categorize Items page. 

Adding new categories on the Categories page

Head to Settings > Categories 
Select  + Add new from the toolbar. You can enter a new category, a number of categories (in the text box provided) or pick a template from the drop-down menu
Select Add new categories > OK

Adding and applying a category on the Transactions page

Here are some other examples of how you can add a new category and apply a category on the Transactions page ( Accounts > Transactions)

Adding a category from the Categorize Items page 

You can add a new category when categorizing your transactions on the Categorize Items page ( Accounts > Categorize items).

We've got more details about the Categorize Items page here: Using the Categorize Items page

Editing & deleting categories

If you want to make changes to your categories or simply delete an entire category - it's easy. Learn more here:  Editing and deleting categories


Why do categories that I've deleted keep reappearing?

The reason some of your transactions may be getting assigned to the wrong category could be due to  Automatic  categorization of your transactions from the Bank Feed

Turning this feature off will stop your transactions from being assigned to categories created by the bank feed, or new categories appearing that you've not created. 

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