Editing & deleting categories

You can use the Categories page to adjust your categories. You can change the names, adjust the settings and even assign colors to your categories 🎨

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Steps to edit a category

Head to Settings > Categories
Hover your mouse over the category you want to edit, click on the three-dot menu and select Edit
Here you can edit your category details, such as name and category color. 

If you'd like to edit the more advanced category options - choose Category options from the left menu panel.

When you're happy with your edits, click the  Save button. To learn about the various edit options please see:

Edit category details

You have the freedom to edit and personalize many aspects of each of your categories. Editing a category can be done from a category's edit window:

Edit a category name 

Make your category name as specific, original or unique as you like!
Any edits to a category name will automatically update any related budgets or category rules.

Edit the color of a category

Choose a color for each of your categories 🎨 These colors will be reflected on your Calendar page, Budget page and other graphs and reports such as the Earning and Spending graph on the Dashboard.

Create sub-categories by nesting under parent categories

If you are creating a sub-category, you can nest it under a parent category by selecting a category from the drop-down menu -  Parent category. Learn more about sub-categories and nesting here: Sub-categories and nesting

Set the category type

Set the category type so that it PocketSmith knows whether to include transactions within the category in the income or expense sections of any reports. Learn more here: Category types in PocketSmith

Edit category options

Change a category to a bill or scheduled income category

Change your category to a bill or scheduled income category if you would like the category's budget to reflect that the full amount is usually paid or received in one transaction, rather than in multiple transactions over a period of time. Learn more here:  The difference between bill or scheduled income budgets and regular repeating budgets

Include or exclude a category from Safe Balance calculations (Beta feature)

If you're a beta tester and have safe balance enabled on an account you can choose to include/exclude categories for safe balance calculations. Find out more about safe balance here: Safe Balance beta  

Change a category to a transfer category

Transfer categories have transactions assigned to them that have been  transferred between your accounts. Change your category to a transfer category so that its transactions are displayed accurately in PocketSmith. Learn more here: Setting up transfer categories in PocketSmith

Deleting or merging a category

You can delete a category and assign all of its associated transactions and budgets to another category.

Head to Settings > Categories
Hover your mouse over the category you want to delete, click on the three-dot menu and select  Delete
You can then choose to re-assign all the transactions and budgets in this category to a new category before deleting. If you'd like to do this, select a new category from the drop-down menu, then click Delete category


If you choose not to re-assign the transactions and budgets from a deleted category to a new one, all its transactions will become uncategorized and the budgets will be deleted.

Bulk deleting categories

If you have a whole stack of categories that you don't want, you can delete them in bulk on the Categories page.

Head to Settings > Categories
Select the checkbox beside the category that you would like to delete
Click Delete from the toolbar and then click YES. 


Choosing this option means that these categories and all of their budgets will be removed. All transactions assigned to these categories will be uncategorized

Change the category order

You may want to adjust the order of your categories so that they are displayed differently in drop-down menus and in some reports, such as the Cashflows and Income & Expense statements. You can change the category order by dragging and dropping categories following the steps below.


Currently, sub-categories aren't able to be nested within their parent-category in reports such as the Income & Expense statement. However, sub-categories displayed on the Income & Expense statement will be shown in the correct order.

Changing the category order of the Categories page

Head to Settings > Categories

Locate the category you want to move and click and hold on its drag handle


Move the category to the correct position and unclick, to change the order 

Category mapping

PocketSmith keeps track of any category deletions or name changes you make. This means that any newly imported transactions that have categories from a bank feed or bank file are mapped to the new category (if the name is changed) or are uncategorized (if the category has been deleted).   

Change the category name 


🎉 Jeffrey decided to  change the name of his category called Hobbies. He changed it to Hobbies & fun. Now, any new transaction imported with the Hobbies category via automatic categorization from the bank feed, or with a category assigned to it in a bank file import, will be assigned to the category Hobbies & fun.

Delete the category 


🏠 Jeffrey also decided to  delete his category called Household Goods. He wanted to categorize household goods into more specific categories, and no longer has a need for the category Household Goods. Now, any transaction imported with the category Household Goods via automatic categorization from the bank feed, or with a category assigned to it in a bank file import, will be uncategorized.

Viewing or removing category mapping

Head to Settings > Category rules, saved searches and filters
Select Category mapping from the left menu
To remove an instance of category mapping, navigate to the category mapping you'd like to remove, then select the three-dot menu > Delete 

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