The Dashboard provides you with a quick overview of your money. You'll find information about your accounts, transactions budgets and an overview of your income/expense categories.

There’s something for everyone on the PocketSmith Dashboard! Interested in your current net worth or predicting your future account balances? Sure thing - take a look at the Net Worth and Forecast graph 📈. Checking in on your latest transactions? The Recent activity module will display the most recent transactions in all your accounts!

Want to know the balance of your accounts across all your banks? The Accounts module shows you balances for all your accounts, liabilities and assets. For more detail about category-based spending and earning, look out for that tasty Earning and spending donut and hover over each slice to see the breakdown 🍩! Don't forget those budgets, though - see how you're doing in Your active budgets 👛.

Quick Answers

Why are some categories missing from the earning and spending donut chart?

This may be because the category has been set up as a Transfer category, or due to the transactions themselves being marked as transfers.

By default, transfer categories, and transfer transactions are hidden from the earning and spending donut chart. If the missing category should not be set up as a transfer category, you can learn how to edit this here: Editing and deleting categories

If your transactions are not within a transfer category, but have been incorrectly marked as transfers, please get in touch and we can take a look!

Why is one of my expense categories showing as income (or vice versa)?

If one of your expense categories is incorrectly showing in the income section of the earning and spending pie chart it’s likely that the category’s type option has been set incorrectly. To fix this, change the category's type option to No, this is an expense category (any income is a refund).

Similarly, if an income category is showing as an expense, change the category's refund behavior to No, this is an income category (any expenses are deductions).

Why are some of my budgets not showing under ‘Your active budgets’?

This section of the Dashboard shows all of your budgets that have at least one transaction assigned to them during that budget's current budget period.

The period associated with each budget is dependant on the period assigned when creating the budget. Hovering over a category’s budget bar on the Budget page will show the period set for that particular budget and how many days are remaining.

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