The new dashboard beta

We’re excited to announce that the new PocketSmith web dashboard is now in limited beta. If you’re a beta tester, you’ll see a link in the Dashboard toolbar to give it a try.

The new dashboard is completely customizable, giving you the flexibility to arrange your dashboard to suit your needs 📈🍩🧮

In this user guide


The dashboard beta is completely configurable, with a strong focus on flexibility. We see the new dashboard as a place to bring together insights that are important to you so that you can easily view your key financial information in one place.


To start with, we've built nine widgets that you can choose to add to your dashboard, and each widget can be added multiple times with separate configurations. Everything is customizable, allowing you to arrange and manage your dashboard(s) to best suit your needs. 

  • Balance graph widget
  • Earning & spending donut chart widget
  • Account list widget
  • Budget widget
  • Bill reminder widget
  • Saved search widget
  • Number of uncategorized transactions widget
  • Number of unconfirmed transactions widget
  • Date and time widget

Create multiple dashboards

You're able to create multiple dashboards to reflect different aspects of your finances. For example, one to monitor your everyday spending, another to track your progress towards being mortgage-free, and another to track your investment or retirement funds.
You can duplicate dashboards to quickly create a copy and tweak it while keeping the original dashboard intact.


Customize your layout to suit your needs. You can have specific dashboards tailored to suit different devices — 3 columns for your tablet, 5 columns for your laptop, and a 12 column behemoth for your 4K display. Add the widgets that you'd like, and drag and drop to move them around. 

Caveats while the new dashboards is in beta

While the new dashboard feature is in limited beta there are likely to be bugs and quirks. While we've tested the dashboard extensively, our users have unique data and use PocketSmith in unique ways. As such, there may be quirks that you experience due to your account set up that we’ve not seen before. So, if you do encounter anything that doesn't work as you would expect - please get in touch and let us know!

Aside from bugs, there is still some work to do in the overall user experience. We'll be delivering surveys to our limited beta participants that focus on the usability of the new dashboard.

If you'd like to participate in these surveys you'll just need to ensure you've opted-in to our newsletter updates. You can do this via the settings menu as detailed here: Changing email preferences

Accessing the new beta dashboard

If you've already opted in as a beta user, just click the ' Try new beta dashboard' link that shows in the Dashboard toolbar.

If you'd like to enable beta features on your account you can learn how to do this here: Becoming a beta tester in PocketSmith

Balance graph widget

The balance graph displays your account balances, allowing you to view your forecast balance and compare your past actual balances with your historic forecast balances.

The Balance graph is configurable, allowing you to

  • select specific accounts or account types to be reflected in your graph
  • choose to display all included balances together, stack by account type, or stack by individual account
  • configure the date range shown
  • include or exclude historic forecast, actual balances and forecast balances
  • adjust view options to display more or less detail

Time and date widget

Display the current time and date in your Dashboard.

Earning & spending widget

The earning and spending widget shows all your earning and spending over a selected date range just like the regular dashboard donut chart, but with some exciting new customizable extras! 

You can:

  • filter the accounts reflected
  • include or exclude individual categories
  • collapse subcategories into parent categories
  • sort by category amount or by category order

Add multiple Earning & Spending widgets to compare different accounts or date ranges at a glance. 

Number unconfirmed widget

Shows the number of unconfirmed transactions. Click to be taken to the awaiting confirmation page. 

 To change which transactions are presented for review on the awaiting confirmation page see: Transaction confirming options

Number uncategorized widget

Shows the number of uncategorized transactions. Edit this widget's settings to limit to account types or to limit to selected accounts.

Click on the widget to be taken to the Categorize Items page or Transactions page as per your preference!

Account list widget

A list of accounts and their balances. Choose to include all accounts, selected account types, or selected accounts. You can also choose to display grouped accounts as one combined account, or to list accounts within the group. 

Budget widget

The budget widget lets you keep track of your budgets at a glance.  You can choose to display all budgets, only income budgets, or only expense budgets. Alternatively, you can select the budgets that you want to keep an eye on specifically.

Bill reminder widget

Choose to display any overdue, paid, or upcoming bills here 📅 ✅

Filter by account type, or a selection of accounts, and configure the date range to show X number of weeks/months past, and X number of weeks/months ahead.

In order for a budget category to be included in Bill reminders, the category just needs to be set up as a bill category. To learn how to do this see: Setting up bill and scheduled income categories

Saved search widget

Displays recent transactions from any selected saved search you've previously set up on the Transactions page.

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