Everything you need to know about grouping accounts

Learn about how grouping accounts can be useful in PocketSmith, and the steps to take to group or ungroup accounts.

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Reasons to group accounts together

  • Group multiple accounts together so budgets can be applied to more than one account.
  • Group similar accounts together to make them easier to manage.
  • Group accounts if you are at or near your account limit - a grouped account only counts towards one account.
  • Group old accounts together to archive their transactions.

How to group accounts together

Head to Settings and select  Organize Accounts & Scenarios
Navigate to an account you would like to group with another 
Hover on Manage to open the drop-down menu and select Group
Next, you'll need to choose an account from the drop-down menu that you'd like to group this account with. Click  Group account
Give your archive group account a name so you can identify it quickly and click  Save
Follow the above steps again to add any other old accounts to this group


When you create a grouped account, the name of the account group will be that of the primary account you are grouping the account with, by default.

It's a good idea to come up with a new name for the Group. However, when you rename the group, this will also change the name of the primary account to match. To change the primary account name back to it's original (or any other name), select change the names to suit. Then under Account and Calendar Titles you can change the primary account name.

You're able to see the number of accounts in your archive group on the  Grouped accounts tab 

Your new grouped account will appear together on the Organise accounts & scenarios page.
Consider moving your archive group to display at the bottom of your account list as detailed here:  Change the display order of your accounts

Group accounts together via the Account Summary page

You can also group accounts together from the Account Summary page. However, if you want to ungroup them, you will need to do this from the Settings menu.

Go to the Account Summary page
Navigate to the account you would like to group with another
Click MANAGE ACCOUNT and select Group account
PocketSmith will ask you which account you would like to group the account with - select another account from the drop-down menu and click Group account.
In the Group name, give your grouped account a name. Both original account names will be preserved, and this will act only as your grouped account
Click Save

How to ungroup accounts

You can ungroup an account from a grouped account by following these steps:

Head to Settings and select Organize accounts Scenarios
Navigate to the grouped account you wish to ungroup
Select the Grouped Accounts tab and press the settings cog
Click Ungroup

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