Transactional account limits for your PocketSmith subscription

Depending on the PocketSmith plan you're on, you will have a different number of accounts that you're able to add to PocketSmith. If you go over the account limit for your subscription the extra accounts will be hidden unless your subscription is upgraded.

In this user guide

The number of accounts available in each plan

    Check out our plans page for more information about the features in the different subscription options.

    Accounts that count towards the limit

    Any transactional account is considered as one account within the account limit. This includes accounts that have a bank feed, use imported bank files, have manual transactions or use the scenario balance option. To find out how to create an account, have a look here:  Adding new accounts on the Account Summary

    Asset and liabilities that are created on the Net Worth page, do not count towards the account limit as these don't have all the features and options of transaction accounts.

    Grouping accounts together

    Grouping accounts allow the bundling of a few bank accounts together. This grouped account will then only count as one account within the limit. For example, you could group five accounts with a similar purpose together into one grouped account.

    Learn how to group accounts together in the following user guide: Everything you need to know about grouping accounts

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