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It is important to us that users have flexibility and freedom from a long-term contract. Learn about your plan and how easy it is to change your PocketSmith plan and billing details at any time.

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Billing & plans overview

We know it can be inconvenient being locked into a long-term contract, that's why we've made it super easy to manage your own subscription. Have the freedom to pay for any plan on either a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Retire your subscription at any time. To make changes to your subscription head over to the  Settings tab and select Subscription & UpgradeFrom here, you can quickly switch your plan with a simple selection.

Plan types 

Enjoy 2 Accounts, manual importing, 12 budgets, and a 6-month forecast.

You'll have access to automatic bank feeds and manual importing, automatic categorisation, 10 accounts, unlimited budgets and a 10-year forecast

Try out automatic bank feeds, manual importing, automatic categorisation, unlimited accounts and budgets, and a 30-year forecast

If you need to change your billing details, go to the  Settings tab and select Billing

We'll let you know via email if you have an expired credit card registered with us, to prevent any disruption to your subscription.

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