Billing & plans

Learn about the different plans we offer at PocketSmith! Check out our articles with all you need to know about your PocketSmith plan, and billing information 💳

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Billing & plans

We know it can be inconvenient to be locked into a long-term contract; that's why we've made it super easy to manage your own subscription. You have the freedom to pay for any plan on either a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. Alter your subscription at any time!

Plan types 

  • Free
    Enjoy 2 Accounts, bank file importing, 12 budgets, and a 6-month forecast
  • Premium
    You'll have access to automatic bank feeds and bank file importing, automatic categorization, 10 accounts, unlimited budgets and a 10-year forecast 
  • Super
    Use our automatic bank feeds, manual importing, automatic categorization, unlimited accounts and budgets, and a 30-year forecast

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