Deleting your PocketSmith account

You are able to delete your PocketSmith account as opposed to downgrading to a Basic (Free) account. Learn about what happens to your data and how to delete your PocketSmith account here 👋

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Deleting your PocketSmith account

You may remove all your data from PocketSmith by deleting your account. To do so, follow these steps:

Head to your Profile menu Subscription & Billing or  Subscription & Upgrade
Click on Delete your account in the left menu
Choose the option Yes, delete my account, type the word DELETE into the text box and click OK

What happens to your data once your PocketSmith account is deleted

If you choose to delete your account all your data will be removed from our servers. If you'd like to put your account on hold, you may like to consider downgrading to a Free account. Thay way your billing details will be removed but you'll have the option to upgrade your account in the future. We've got all the details about changing your subscription here:  Change your subscription plan

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