Options for resetting your PocketSmith account

If you want to clear certain data from your PocketSmith account, you can do so from the Profile menu, under User preferences. You also have the option to clear your entire account and start again from scratch.

In this user guide

Account reset options

There are a few different reset options: you can delete certain attributes of your PocketSmith account, such as just removing categories and budgets; or you can reset your whole PocketSmith account entirely and start again from scratch.

  • Delete all categories
    This will remove all categories from your account.  It will also remove all scheduled budgets and uncategorize all transactions
  • Delete all budgets
    This will delete all of your budgets and remove your forecast and all budget events on the Calendar. It will not affect your categories.
  • Delete all searches and filters
    This will remove all saved searches and filters from your account. Your transactions will not be affected
  • Delete all transactions 
    All transactions will be removed from all accounts. 
  • Delete all accounts,  scenarios  and budgets 
    This will remove all of your accounts and transactions, along with all scenarios and their budgets. Your banks and their feed connections will remain, but all accounts will be unconnected from bank feeds
  • Delete everything and start again
    This will delete everything in your account and reset it to its brand-new state, including removing all bank feeds. Please be careful - this cannot be reversed


Please remember: all data that you delete will be permanently removed and cannot be retrieved. Consider these options carefully and proceed with caution!

How to reset your account or clear data

Head to Profile menu > User preferences 
Select Account reset options from the side panel
From the options provided, tick the checkbox for the attribute/s you want to delete
Click Reset the selected areas 

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