Using the Categorize transactions page

The Categorize transactions page allows you to quickly categorize transactions, add details to your transactions in a simple format, and create category rules all in one place!

In this user guide

Categorizing your transactions

  • To use the Categorize transactions page, head to Categorize Transactions (Manage > Categorize Transactions)
  • The number of transactions that need to be categorized will be displayed in the top left corner of the page.
  • As soon as you land on the page, a transaction card will be displayed, ready for you to categorize! You'll see the account the transaction is within, the merchant, date and amount:
  • If you're not ready to categorize this transaction, just click SKIP

Assigning a category to the transaction

Choose the category from the drop-down menu, or type in the category name and press enter

Under Category click the down-arrow and search for the category you'd like to apply
You can type in the category to find it quickly or if you'd like to create new category - type it in and select Create category
Click Save & continue


Edit settings for newly created categories

If you've created a new category, you can edit the settings for your newly created category by clicking on the 'New category' pop-up that shows in the bottom left corner.

Just click on Edit category settings to set the category type, or set the category to be a transfer category or a bill/scheduled income category.

If you'd prefer to do this later, just click Not now. You can always edit your categories from the Categories page (Manage > Categories) instead.

For more detail on editing category settings, please see: Editing & deleting categories

Adding notes, labels, or transfer marking


Add a note to your transaction as a helpful reminder or to create a memory for your Timeline!

For example:

  • 🚗 🔧 💵 Make a note of the work that was done on your car when it last had a service at the garage
  • 🍔 🌮 🍕 Add a note about that amazing meal you had at a new restaurant
  • 🎁 🎄 🎉 Keep track of gifts you bought for different family members but you made one bulk purchase


Add labels to your transactions! Labels allow you to tag transactions independently from categories. You can have multiple labels on each transaction.

Transfer marking

If you want to have this transaction marked with the Transfer icon just check the tickbox This is a transfer before clicking Save & Continue.

Applying a category rule

You can create category rules to automatically categorize future transactions by ticking Make this a Category Rule, you can also edit the merchant name that will be matched for the rule to improve how well this category is applied in the future.

We have all the details here: Creating a Category Rule and adding merchant keywords from the Categorize Items page

Splitting a transaction

To split the transaction, click the three-dot menu > Split.

The transaction will then show on two cards so that you can change the details on each of the transactions. Changing the amount on one card will adjust the amount on the other card so that they match the original amount.

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