Adding new categories

There are a number of different places in PocketSmith where you can add new categories - on the Categories page, the Transactions page or the Categorize Items page‚ú®
Learn where and how you can add new categories below!

Adding new categories from the Categories page

  1. Head to the Categories page ( Manage > Categories)
  2. Select + Add new from the toolbar. Enter a new category or a number of categories in the text box provided, or, pick a category template from the drop-down menu.


    If you're not too sure what categories to set up, you can choose from the pre-populated category templates that we've assembled to help you get started. 

    You are always able to edit or refine your categories at a later date.

  3. Select Add new categories OK

Adding new categories from the Transactions page

Within a transaction card

  1. Head to the Transactions page
  2. Select a transaction, then under the category field type in a new category and click  Create category: [new category name]
  3. Click Save

From the toolbar

  1. Head to the Transactions page
  2. Select the checkbox beside a transaction (or a number of transactions)
  3. Select Category from the toolbar then enter the new category you want to add and click Create category: [category name]

Adding new categories from the Categorize Transactions page

  1. Head to the Categorize Transactions page ( Manage > Categorize Transactions)
  2. Under the category field type in a new category and click Create category: [new category name]
  3. Click  Save & continue

We've got more details about the Categorize transactions page here:  Using the Categorize transactions page

Edit settings for newly created categories


If you'd like to, you can edit the settings for your newly created category by clicking on the 'New category' pop-up that shows in the bottom left corner.

Just click on Edit category settings to set the category type, or set the category to be a transfer category or a bill/scheduled income category.

If you'd prefer to do this later, just click Not now. You can always edit your categories from the Categories page (Manage > Categories) instead.

For more detail on editing category settings please see: Editing & deleting categories

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