Sub-categories and nesting

Creating sub-categories is a great way to separate your earning and spending into main groups. You can have as many levels of sub-categories as you need.
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Sub-categories and nesting overview

Sub-categories are really handy when you'd like to have a group of categories that are similar, nested under one main category.

For example:

Aleisha categorizes her home living transactions into four different categories -  Rent, Electric, TV, and Internet. She wants to keep them separate to inspect them more carefully when she needs to, but to keep things tidy, Aleisha nests these four categories under a parent category, All Home Bills.

  • Home (parent)
    • Rent (sub)
    • Electric (sub)
    • TV (sub)
    • Internet (sub)


We don't recommend assigning transactions or budgets to your parent category.

It's best to think of your parent category as a container - and only assign transactions and budgets to the sub-categories within. This will ensure that the transactions are assigned to the correct budgets for budgeting and reporting.

You can still analyze your budgets at the parent category level by using roll-up budgets as detailed here Roll-up: parent and sub-categories.

Creating sub-categories

You can create sub-categories in two different ways. By dragging and dropping a category under another, or by editing the settings for a category.

Drag and drop to create sub-categories

Go to the Categories page to view your category list
Hover your mouse over a category you'd like to nest under another. When the drag icon appears in place of your mouse you can drag and drop the category to nest it under another.

It's best to start by ordering the categories you'd like to nest, directly below their parent category. Then just drag each category to the right and it will drop into place!

Edit category settings to create sub-categories

When you edit a category you can choose to nest it under a parent category. This will automatically make that category a sub-category!

On the  Categories page, click the Edit button for the category you would like to nest under another
The edit window gives you an option to assign a Parent category

Select a parent category and click Save 

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