Cashflows overview

The 'Cashflows' page provides a monthly overview of your finances in the past and forecasted into the future. This enables you to see how close you were to your budget categories for the past and your budget amounts for the future. 

  • The Display Settings allow you to adjust what scenarios, accounts to display. It also shows the categories that you have marked to ignore from the cashflow statement. Learn more about hiding a category.

    You can also download a CSV file of your cashflow statement, so that you can use the data in a spreadsheet program like Excel.
  • The date picker allows you to select which months you want to be shown on the cashflow statement.
  • The Summary section shows your actual and forecasted closing balances for each month. 

    It also shows the actual and forecasted surplus or deficit for each month.
  • The Income and Expense categories section, shows your actual and forecasted totals for each budget category, for each month.

    There is also the income and expense totals for each month, which is used in the Summary section above.

    You can also view the category totals for the date period selected with the date slider.

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