Repeating budgets and how to make changes to them

It's easy to create budgets that automatically repeat so you can track your expected earning and spending into the future. Sometimes budgets need to be updated so that they better reflect your actual transactions.

If you're changing a budget that is part of a repeating budget, we'll ask you how you want to apply the changes you make. Learn more about repeating budgets, how to edit them and how to apply your changes!  

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Creating a repeating budget

Repeating budgets are a handy way to automatically project your earning and spending into the future if you know that certain budgets will always repeat. Once you create a repeating budget, multiple instances of this budget are automatically created for you based on the frequency you've chosen for that budget to repeat. 

Because your forecast is determined by your budgets, this means you'll have an accurate forecast that takes into account future earning and spending. You'll also be able to rest easy knowing that your repeating income and expense transactions are tracked against their budgets into the future!

To create a repeating budget follow these steps:

Under the Starts on field, enter the date you'd like to start your budget
Under the Period field, select the frequency at which you'd like the budget to repeat
Click  More and choose from the options if you'd like to refine the repeating frequency
Click Save 

Making changes to a repeating budget

Sometimes, your actual earning and spending might vary from your planned budgets. It's easy to update your budget so that it more accurately reflects your finances. 

From the Budget page

Head to the  Budget page and navigate to the budget you'd like to edit
Hover over the budget and click the three-dot menu on the right side of the row 
Select Edit / Delete
Make the changes within the Start budget window and select Update
Choose how you'd like to  apply this change and click Save

From the Calendar page

Head to the  Calendar page
Click on the budget event you'd like to change 
Make the changes within the  Start budget window and select  Update
Choose how you'd like to  apply this change and click  Save

Options for applying changes to a repeating budget 

If you make changes to a repeating budget, you'll need to choose how these changes are applied. Because a repeating budget has multiple budget events attached to it (based on the frequency you've chosen for your budget to repeat), you can apply the changes to just one budget event, the whole repeating budget or all future budget events. 

There are three options to chose from:

Only this event

This will edit just this one budget event leaving others unchanged. 

This option is useful in the following instances:

  • You have an estimated repeating amount but adjust the next budget based on the actual bill amount, for example with an electricity bill
  • A monthly repeating budget falls on a weekend but the transaction only occurs on a weekday, so moving the budget event to a weekday

The whole budget

This will edit all events within the repeating budget. This means that all scheduled budgets from the start date until the end date (if one was added), apart from existing one-off exclusions from previous "Only this event" edits.

If the recurring budget began before the current day, this means that the historical forecast balances for your accounts will be changed. This shouldn't cause any issues with the future forecasting balance due to the forecast adjustment events. The following article has more information about the forecast adjustments:  Balance correction events on the calendar.

From selected date and onwards

This will stop the current repeating budget sequence from the date selected and will start a new one from that date with the updated details.

This option is useful when you change a budget but you don't want the past budget and forecast to be affected, only budgets from the date you have selected.

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