Reviewing imported transactions

Reviewing your transactions on the Awaiting Confirmation page is a useful way to double-check categorization and edits made to your transactions. There are a number of reviewing options so you can either review all, some or no transactions all.

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Reviewing your transactions

Reviewing transactions on the Awaiting Confirmation page lets you check that your recently imported transactions are looking their best 👌

Why should I review transactions?

Reviewing transactions is entirely optional, but we recommend it for the following reasons:

The Awaiting Confirmation page lets you approve each transaction with an OK ✅  button. You can choose whether you review every single transaction that is imported into PocketSmith or just a specific type of transaction. For example, you might only want to review transactions that have been categorized using automatic categorization from the Bank Feeds.

Steps to review your transactions

Head to the Transactions page ( Accounts > Transactions)
Select Awaiting confirmation from the sidebar

If you want to make any changes while reviewing your transactions, select the transaction to open the transaction card, make your edits, then click Save 

Click  OK to approve each transaction

Alternatively, you can approve all transactions in one go by clicking Confirm all

Transaction reviewing options

You can either review all transactions that are imported into PocketSmith, or you can choose from a few different review options.

Because your transactions can be automatically categorized in two main ways: by the bank feed or bank file, or from your own category rules and filters. You have the option to choose which of these automatically-categorized transactions to review. 

PocketSmith attempts to  automatically mark your transfer transactions so that you don't need to do this manually or with filters. You have the option to review this automatic marking or not.

All transactions

  • I want to review all new transactions


  • I don't want to review any automatic categorization
    Review no automatic categorization at all

  • I want to review transactions categorized by the bank feed service or my bank

    Only review the categorization applied to a transaction from the bank feed or if your bank file contains categories

  • I want to review transactions categorized by either the bank feed system, my bank, or my own rules and filters
    Review transactions that are categorized automatically in any way


  • I want to review transfers automatically detected by PocketSmith

Changing the transaction reviewing option

Head to Settings > User Preferences > Transaction reviewing 

Choose from the available options

Click Save

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