Only using the calendar in PocketSmith and not importing transactions

If you don't want to bring any transactions into PocketSmith, you can still manage your finances by setting up manual balances and using the budget and forecast features. 

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You can create budget events on the Calendar page to plan your finances and then simply adjust the budget events for past dates to match your actual transactions outside PocketSmith.  

To do this, you will first need to create scenario-only accounts. A scenario-only account is a manual account, which uses the 'Scenario balance' option. The balance of these accounts is not based on transactions but on budget events in the Calendar. 

The process for setting up a scenario-only account is different depending on whether you are a brand new PocketSmith user or if you have previously set up bank accounts within your PocketSmith account.:

Creating a 'scenario-only' account and avoiding the checklist

When creating a new PocketSmith account, your checklist asks you to either Connect bank feed accounts, Move from another app, or Upload your bank files. However, to create an account that doesn't have transactions at all, you will bypass this and instead use the steps below.

Bypassing the checklist to create a manual account


When presented with the welcome screen, select 'LET'S GET STARTED!'

If you've already progressed to the checklist itself, click  See more

Then select Hard mode

You'll be taken to the Account Summary page.

Ensure Create a new bank first is checked, then click the  Start button

Enter a name for the bank and adjust the currency if needed. Select  Accounts from a file import and then click  Save (don't worry, you won't need to import bank files!)

Create a new account at the bank you just added. Add details such as the Account name, the Currency, the Opening balance, Date and the Account type, then click Save and continue

PocketSmith now asks you to upload a file - which you don't need to do! - so click the X on the form to close it

A manual account has now been created, but the balance option still needs to be changed to Scenario-only

To do this, click MANAGE ACCOUNT, and select Balances from the menu that appears

In the Use Scenario Balance section tick Current scenario balance, then click Update balances

Manually add a dummy transaction to your account

To begin using the calendar only, you'll need to first create a dummy transaction in your scenario only account (which can later be deleted). This will give you access to the Transactions page and the Calendar page, along with other areas of PocketSmith.

If you have successfully created an empty account from the Checklist, it's likely that you do not have access to the Transactions page in your menu bar yet. Follow the steps below to add a transaction.

Select MANAGE ACCOUNT on the account you have just created 
Select Manual input

Enter a dummy transaction, then click Save all transactions

Creating a scenario-only account from the Account Summary page

If you have already had accounts set up in PocketSmith, you can easily create a new scenario-only account from the Account Summary page.

Head to Accounts > Account Summary
Click New offline account > Scenario only and select the appropriate bank
Add details such as the  Account name, the  Currency, the  Opening balance, and Date. Then click  Save and continue
You will see a message that the new scenario has been created. Click Save then X out of the window

Using Budgets on the Calendar for scenario-only accounts

Once you have created your scenario-only account, you can begin adding budgets to reflect your earning and spending. After adding the budgets, you can see how these budgets will affect your future finances by checking the account balance displayed on any single day in the future.

Create repeating budgets to represent regular/recurring earning and spending such as salary, rent, or utilities. Or add one-off budgets to represent any irregular income or expenses. 

If you end up spending more or less than you budgeted for, you can easily edit a budget event to reflect this. For more detail on budgets on the calendar, take a look at the following user guides:


If you would prefer to manually enter transactions instead of only using budget events on the Calendar, we've got all the details here:  Using PocketSmith without bank feeds or bank files

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