Moving to PocketSmith from another personal finance app

PocketSmith makes it easy to switch from other personal finance managers - bring your data over in a few easy steps!

If you are coming from, Microsoft Money, Quicken, YNAB, Buxfer, Pocketbook or MoneyWiz, check out the user guides to find the right custom import tool to transfer your data across to PocketSmith. These tools import your transactions and categories, making the switch to PocketSmith easy! 

Most personal finance apps also have the option to export your data into files that you can upload them into PocketSmith. OFX, QFX, QIF and CSV files are all supported by PocketSmith, though we think OFX files are the most reliable. Just make sure you export your accounts one at a time, so you have a separate file for each account you want to replicate in PocketSmith.

Just getting started?

Our user guides below will help you choose the best custom import tool for you! If we don't have an importer for the app you have been using, you'll need to export your data from your current PFM, and then import these as bank files into PocketSmith.

Quick Answers

There is no custom import tool for my current PFM, what should I do?

If we don't have a custom import tool for the software you are currently using, let us know! We are always keen to build new ones and can usually develop a tool by seeing a complete set of exported data from your old PFM.

Are you interested in helping? Get in touch with an export from your old PFM!

User Guides

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