Moving to PocketSmith from another personal finance app

PocketSmith makes it easy to switch from other personal finance managers (PFM), by allowing you to bring your data over in a few easy steps!

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Export files from your current personal finance application

Most personal finance apps have the option to export your data into files that you can then upload into PocketSmith. OFX, QFX, QIF and CSV files are all supported by PocketSmith, though we recommend using OFX files where possible as they have fewer issues when importing.

Make sure you export your accounts one at a time, so you have a separate file for each account held. We recommend having a search on Google for how to perform this for your current application.

If you are coming from, YNAB, Buxfer, Pocketbook, MoneyWiz, Microsoft Money or Quicken, you can use one of our custom import tools. These tools import your transactions and categories, making the switch to PocketSmith easy!

Use our custom import tools

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There is no custom import tool for my current PFM

If you are coming from another software that we do not have a custom import tool for, let us know! We are always keen to build new ones. We can usually develop a tool by seeing a complete set of exported data from your old PFM. Are you interested in helping? Get in touch with an export from your old PFM. If not, you can still bring over your data by importing bank files!

Importing your files from any other PFM into PocketSmith

If there isn't a custom import tool for you, after exporting your data from your current PFM, you can simply import these bank files into PocketSmith! Importing bank files takes a few steps, and we have outlined all of these in our article:  Importing bank files into PocketSmith

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