Importing accounts and transactions from Mint

You can move your accounts and transactions from Mint to PocketSmith. First, export your Mint data, then bring it over in just a few seconds with the custom Mint import tool.

Exporting your accounts and transactions from Mint

To start, you need to export transactions from Mint for each account you have. Uploading your exported CSV file from Mint will create all of your old accounts and transactions in PocketSmith that were previously stored in Mint. 

Use the steps below to generate a complete export from Mint.

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Go to the Transactions page
  3. Click the Export XXX transactions link at the bottom of the page

  4. Save the file to your computer. The process will save your data as a Mint export CSV file. Now you have your export data from Mint, you're ready to upload your files into PocketSmith!

Importing your Mint export data into a new PocketSmith account

Now that you have your Mint export transactions ready to import into your PocketSmith account, you can access the importer easily (just follow the steps below). 

Or you can jump straight to the importer here -  Mint importer - and follow the instructions below, from step 4.

  1. Select Bring your own data

  2. Then select MOVE FROM ANOTHER APP

  3. Select  Mint from the selection of apps

  4. Drag and drop your Mint CSV files directly onto the page, or click Choose file to select a file to upload

  5. PocketSmith will display a summary of the accounts and transactions within your chosen file. Click  Yes, continue importing to import your accounts and transactions.   

  6. Enter the bank or institution names and balances for each account. Click Save and continue when completed.

  7. And just like that! You're all done! You have successfully migrated from Mint to PocketSmith.

Importing your Mint download transactions into an existing PocketSmith account

  1. On any page, open the Manage menu and then select the Express Migration Tool

  2. Select Mint from the selection of apps

  3. Continue with the steps above to complete your import:  Importing your Mint files into a new PocketSmith account


Is it easy to export Mint to Pocketsmith?

Yes! The details above provide simple steps for how to export transactions from Mint. It won’t take long to carry out a Mint export to an Excel file (CSV), and you can complete the process in a few minutes.

How can you export data from Mint?

Simply follow the steps detailed above to download transactions from Mint. You can then easily import your Mint transactions into PocketSmith, so all your historical data is now in one place.

Can I import into both new and existing PocketSmith accounts?

Yes, you can easily export transaction data from Mint and import to new or existing accounts using the steps above. You can export data from your personal finance accounts in Mint, including your bank account, and debit or credit card accounts. Because you can export all transactions together rather than exporting each transaction type separately, the whole process is quick and easy to complete.

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