Importing accounts and transactions from Buxfer

It's easy to move your accounts and transactions from Buxfer to PocketSmith. Use our custom import tool to bring your data over in just a few seconds 🎉

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Exporting your accounts and transactions from Buxfer

To start, you will need to export your transactions from Buxfer so that you can import them into PocketSmith.

Buxfer offers a range of file exports, but it is important to choose a CSV download. By importing your exported CSV file from Buxfer, all of your old accounts and transactions that were previously stored in Buxfer will be created in PocketSmith. 

Use the steps below to generate a complete export from Buxfer.

Log in to your Buxfer account
Once logged in, click the DOWNLOAD icon located in the toolbar.

Select the date range and accounts you'd like to include in your file export, and select  EXCEL (.csv) from the Format dropdown menu.    
Click  DOWNLOAD and your accounts and transactions will be downloaded to your computer in a CSV file. You can now import this file into our  Buxfer importer!🎈 

Importing your Buxfer files into your PocketSmith account

Now that you have your Buxfer files ready to import into your PocketSmith account, head over to the BUXFER importer and begin the move. 

Start by dragging and dropping your Buxfer CSV files directly onto the page, or click Choose File to select a file.

PocketSmith will display a summary of the accounts and transactions within the file. If everything looks good, click Yes, continue importing

Wait for your files to be processed 🤓


 Enter the bank names and balances for each account. Click  Save and continue when completed.

And just like that, you're all done! You have successfully moved from Buxfer to PocketSmith
Take a look at the DashboardAccount Summary, or the  Transactions page to see that your accounts and transactions

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