Importing accounts and transactions from Quicken

You can move your accounts and transactions from Quicken to PocketSmith. Use the custom Quicken import tool to bring your data over in just a few seconds.

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Exporting your accounts and transactions from Quicken

To start, you need to export your transactions for each account from Quicken, see this article from Quicken for details about exporting from Quicken. Once you have exported all of your accounts from Quicken, you can then import them into PocketSmith using our express migration tool.  


Recent versions of Quicken for Mac cannot export transactions in a file format supported by PocketSmith. 

Importing your Quicken files into a new PocketSmith account

Now that you have your Quicken file(s)  ready to import into your PocketSmith account, you can access the importer easily from your checklist (just follow the steps below). 

Or you can jump straight to the importer here -  Quicken importer - and follow the instructions below, from step 3.


Choose  Move from another app to bring accounts from another PFM 

Select Quicken from the options provided 

To upload your Quicken files from your computer select Choose files, or drag and drop them directly onto the page.
Add account names, banks, and balances
When all Quicken files have an account name, bank name and a current balance, click the Start import button
Once the import is complete, view the imported transactions by clicking on the Categorize [number] transactions button
Hooray! You have now successfully migrated from Quicken to PocketSmith!

Importing your Quicken files into an existing PocketSmith account

Go to the Accounts menu and select Account Summary
On the Account Summary page, select  New offline account in the toolbar and select Express migration tool
Select Quicken from the list of apps
Continue from step 3 in the above section:  Importing your Quicken files into a new PocketSmith account

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