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Learn how to use bank feeds to automatically import your transactions into PocketSmith!

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A bank feed connects your bank with PocketSmith and imports your transactions automatically. When you first start using PocketSmith, you can add a bank feed from your checklist. You can also add a bank feed from your Account Summary page at a later date.

Your transactions are imported automatically with bank feeds, so they are available to you as soon as you log into PocketSmith. Bank feeds make it easy to focus on the other areas of PocketSmith that help you manage your finances!

When you first add a new bank feed, that feed needs to sync to PocketSmith - don't worry we'll walk you through the steps! After a successful sync, you can then connect each of your accounts with your PocketSmith account.  

Check out our helpful articles below to learn everything there is to know about bank feeds, or if you're just getting started, jump straight to: Adding a bank feed and connecting your accounts

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Frequently asked questions

There are a lot of bank feeds for my bank so which one do I choose?

Make sure the bank feed you select matches your online banking. Click on the house icon beside the bank feed to make sure the website is correct! Also take note of the bank type. For example, if you're looking to add a 'credit card', but the bank feed only has the 'loan' type beside it, this isn't the right bank feed!

What does the "Auto-categorize where possible" option mean when I'm connecting a bank feed?

This means that your transactions will be automatically categorized into categories chosen by our bank feed provider. If you select this option now but change your mind once your transactions are imported, Don't worry! You can turn this feature off later! Check out our article: Automatic categorization of transactions from the bank feed and how to turn it on or off

What does "Include pending transactions" mean when I'm connecting a bank feed?

A pending transaction is a transaction flagged by a bank if it is not yet confirmed or posted, because some of the attributes of that transaction (merchant, date, amount etc) may change in the coming days. You can choose whether you'd like to include these transactions in PocketSmith, or wait until it is posted before it is are imported. Learn more here: Pending transactions from a bank feed

What are the "Accounts held" when I'm adding a bank feed?

There are different account types such as 'bank', 'loan', 'credit card'. Some bank feeds include more than one of these bank types, and won't need a separate bank feed to accommodate each type. Therefore, when you enter your credentials to add a bank feed, it's important to select the account types that you hold with that bank, or, accounts held. For example, if you only have a 'bank' type account at a bank, but the bank feed can also connect 'credit card' and 'loan' type accounts, it's important to uncheck these options, otherwise PocketSmith will try to find these accounts.

What do I do if PocketSmith doesn't have a bank feed for my bank?

If you can't find a bank feed for your bank, get in touch with us with the name of the bank its country and we'll check that it's not already available under a slightly different name. If we still have no luck we'll start the process of getting support for your bank!

I'm seeing an error on my bank feed, what should I do?

Try refreshing the connection again. Sometimes you'll need to do this a few times before it fixes itself - most bank feed error issues resolve themselves within 24 hours. The following article explains how to refresh a bank feed:  Trigger a sync of a bank feed. If there is still an error after a few refreshes then get in touch and we'll look into this for you!

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