A bank feed is displayed under the wrong bank on the Account Summary

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Our Learn Centre is being updated to reflect our newly rebuilt bank feeds platform, Data Connections. The guide you're looking at may reflect these changes, or it may still need updating.

If the Bank Feeds page (Accounts > Bank Feeds) is not available on your PocketSmith Account, you will first need to migrate to the Data Connections bank feed platform.

If you've migrated to Data Connections, but you haven't been able to find the solution you're after, please get in touch with us!

You may have added a bank feed to the wrong bank initially but don't worry as it is easy to change the bank that the bank feed is listed under on the Account Summary page.

Steps to change the bank for a bank feed

Go to the Account Summary page ( Accounts > Account Summary)
In the purple toolbar hover  Edit bank feeds, and click on the bank feed you'd like to change

In the window that options, chose  Bank feed accounts from the left menu. From the drop-down menu select the correct bank for the bank feed

Click Save

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