Bank feed transaction history limits

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Our Learn Centre is being updated to reflect our newly rebuilt bank feeds platform, Data Connections. The guide you're looking at may reflect these changes, or it may still need updating.

If the Bank Feeds page (Accounts > Bank Feeds) is not available on your PocketSmith Account, you will first need to migrate to the Data Connections bank feed platform.

If you've migrated to Data Connections, but you haven't been able to find the solution you're after, please get in touch with us!

When your bank feed is added, it will initially attempt to import transactions from up to the last 90 days. To have older transactions in your PocketSmith, it's easy to import these by uploading bank files 💾

In this user guide

Importing older transaction history

To import transactions that are older than those brought in by the initial bank feed import (up to 90 days), you can upload bank files from your online banking into PocketSmith 🗓. The following user guide explains how to import bank files: Importing bank files into PocketSmith

Transaction import limits on a regular bank feed sync

After the initial import of up to 90 days of transactions, the next time your bank feed is refreshed, it will search for any transactions within the last 28 days and only import new transactions that have not previously been imported.

If you have chosen to re-import deleted transactions for an account connected to a bank feed, these deleted transactions will be imported when the bank feed is refreshed. You can find out more about re-importing deleted transactions in the following user guide: Re-importing transactions that have been deleted from an account with a bank feed

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