Incorrect transaction details in accounts with a bank feed

Bank feeds occasionally experience issues that may result in incorrect transaction details.

This can occur when the online banking website format changes unexpectedly and requires the feed to be updated accordingly.


Changes to the formatting of account listing pages at online banking websites (even minor ones that you might not notice) can result in incorrect transaction information imported in PocketSmith. Typically, this results in an incorrect merchant name and can occasionally lead to incorrect transaction values.

Recent transactions with incorrect transaction details

If you notice any recent transactions with incorrect details, please get in touch via the Help menu within PocketSmith so that we can investigate this for you.

Select Feed help and follow the steps for incorrect transaction details.

To begin an investigation of any incorrect transaction details, we need:

  • a screenshot, or a transaction export file, from your online banking website for the relevant time period showing the correct details;
  • and some examples of the affected transactions in PocketSmith.

Transactions older than 90 days with incorrect details

If you have transactions older than 90 days with incorrect details, the feed may not be able to retrieve them to import into PocketSmith even if the issue has been fixed.

The best alternative is to manually fix the details, as shown in this guide: Editing, deleting or splitting a transaction.

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