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Learn about importing bank files into PocketSmith. If you can't use bank feeds, bank files allow you to import your transactions and accounts!

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Importing a bank file is an alternative method for bringing your transactions into PocketSmith. When you first start using PocketSmith, you can import a bank file from your checklist. You can also import a bank file from the Account Summary page if you have already completed the checklist.

You can import the following files into PocketSmith: OFX, QFX, QIF, CSV. Most online banking services will offer an export option for these file types. Then you can import them straight into PocketSmith! 

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Frequently asked questions

What is the best file format to use when importing my bank files?

We recommend OFX files - this file type imports smoothly into PocketSmith without any issue and most online banking provides this export option. We also support QFX, QIF & CSV. For more information check out Supported file types

How can I avoid duplicate transactions when importing bank files?

If you've imported two different files with dates that cross over each other, or if you add the same file twice into the same account in PocketSmith, this will cause duplicate transactions. When you're importing bank files that might include duplicates it's really important to select the option Replace existing transactions with overlaps or Leave overlapping transactions out. Find more about this option, see this article: Bank file import options

My bank feed only goes back a few months, can I go back further by importing bank files?

When you first add a bank feed, our bank feed provider gathers up to last 90 days of your transaction history. If you'd like to import more that this into PocketSmith, you can backfill an account by importing bank files. Learn more here: Importing bank files into PocketSmith

Why are the dates on transactions incorrect after importing a bank file?

When importing CSV and QIF bank files, PocketSmith tries to work out the date format that has been imported without asking you for additional input. Sometimes, PocketSmith will import transactions with the incorrect date format. To learn how to fix this, check out our article: Transaction dates are incorrect after importing a bank file

Overlapping options when importing a file

When importing a bank file into an existing bank account, PocketSmith can pick up overlapping transactions - these are transactions that have the same dates as transactions already in the account. It's best to avoid duplicate transactions, so we recommend selecting either Replace existing transactions with overlaps or Leave overlapping transactions out. For more details about this option, check out this article: Bank file import options

Joining the payee and memo fields

If you have imported a bank file and you notice some information is missing from the Merchant column, this may be because some banks separate merchant details into a memo field and a merchant field. To fix this, you can import the file again and select the checkbox Join the payee and memo fields together. Just remember to change the overlap options to Replace existing transactions with overlaps! You can find more about this option in the following article: Bank file import options

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