An error is shown during a bank file import

Errors can happen during file imports. Find out here why they might occur and what you can do to resolve the issue.

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'Invalid date' error

This error usually happens when uploading a CSV file that has been previously opened in Excel.

When Excel opens or saves a file, it may automatically change the date format to be different to what was originally exported. For example, if you open a CSV file with New Zealand/Australia/Europe date format dd/mm/yyyy, it will automatically convert it to Excels default US date format which is mm/dd/yyyy. For more information about this issue check out: Incorrect dates from an Excel file

The best way to get around this is to export your files from your bank again and ensure they are not opened in Excel before importing them into PocketSmith.


Some browsers may automatically open downloaded CSVs in Excel immediately after the file download completes. Check your browser settings to stop the automatic opening of a file.

Import failed due to date detection error with a CSV file

If all of the transactions in a CSV file fall on one date, or if the transactions don't span a wide enough date range you will encounter the below error message:

PocketSmith will try to automatically detect the date format of your file, but if there are little transactions to compare, it may choose the wrong date format. For example: PocketSmith must choose between formats dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy. 01/02/2015 could mean January 2, or February 1. 

Please export transactions of a wider date range, and try the upload again. If you're still encountering an issue,  please get in touch with us.

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