Re-adding bank feeds and relinking your accounts following account downgrade

If your paid PocketSmith subscription has lapsed your account will be downgraded to a basic account. As a result of the downgrade, your bank feed accounts may have been converted to offline accounts.
This user guide shows you how to re-add your bank feeds and re-link your existing accounts following an account downgrade.

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Bank feed accounts change to offline accounts following an account downgrade

If the subscription for a paid PocketSmith account has lapsed, any bank feeds connected to the account will also expire after 14 days. This means that if you re-subscribe to a paid plan after your account has lapsed for a period greater than 14 days, any bank feed accounts will have been converted to offline accounts.

Once you've upgraded to a paid plan, you will need to re-add your bank feed then relink your bank feed accounts to the existing accounts within PocketSmith (that were converted to offline accounts while your subscription lapsed).

Re-adding a bank feed to your PocketSmith account

Head to the Account Summary page ( Accounts > Account Summary) and click  Add new bank feed. Then select  Add a feed for a new bank

Choose from the suggested options, or enter your bank in the search field and click Search

If your bank feed is one of our "Most used" bank feeds, we'll display this for you. If this is the bank feed you'd like to add, select  Add bank feed (jump to step 5)

If you don't see your bank, click See all search results 


If you selected See all search results, PocketSmith will display a list of all matching bank feeds for your country. If you are searching for a bank that is from a different country, click See all search results for all countries.

Tick the check-boxes for the bank feeds you would like to add and then click Add selected feeds.


If you are not sure whether one of the bank feeds shown is the one you are looking for, click the house icon to see if the listed website URL matches your bank

Select the account types you hold with that bank (eg. credit cards, banking, loans, etc), then click NEXT 

For example, if you don't have any loan accounts, unselect  Loans
You'll then be asked whether you'd like to turn on automatic categorization from the bank feed, or manage your own categorization and rules.

Select the appropriate option, then click NEXT

In the form, enter your online banking credentials for the chosen bank, then click CONNECT


Ensure that the bank feed credential form isn’t being auto-filled by your browser or a password manager. If the wrong credentials are sent repeatedly, you could get you locked out of your online banking site.

The bank feed will then sync to Pocketsmith, which may take a few minutes. 

You'll know the sync has been successful when it's status changes to Synced, and the Ready to link section shows at the top of the Account Summary page.

Congratulations! Your bank feed has been successfully added, and you're ready to link your accounts.

Linking your feed account to an existing account in PocketSmith

Once your bank feed has been reconnected and the sync is complete, your available bank accounts will appear in the  Ready to link section and you can relink them to your existing offline accounts

Follow the directions below to get your accounts relinked:


Click Go in the Ready to link section


Your existing offline accounts will show and you'll be asked if you want to link offline accounts to a feed account. 

  • To link the existing offline account(s) to a feed, select the appropriate feed account from the drop-down. Repeat this for all applicable offline accounts, then, click NEXT

Your bank feed accounts will now have been re-established and a summary of the accounts that have been relinked will be shown.

Using bank files to import missing transactions

Once your bank feed accounts are reconnected, the bank feed will gather any recent transactions (up to 90 days) and import these into your account. However, if your accounts have been offline for more than 90 days, you'll need to use bank files to fill in gaps in your transaction history. 
To import bank files into your account, you'll first need to download bank from your online banking as detailed here: Preparing your bank files & accepted file types

Once this is complete, you'll be able to upload your file to the corresponding PocketSmith account.

Steps to import a bank file and prevent duplicates 


Head to the Account Summary page ( Accounts > Account Summary


Find the account which needs to be updated

Click MANAGE ACCOUNT > Upload bank file 
If you're importing a CSV file, choose a CSV format or create a new format and assign the columns appropriately
You'll notice some different options can apply to the import. Make sure you chose the option Replace transactions on overlapping dates


It's important that the correct option is selected here, otherwise, duplicate transactions may be created. See:  Bank file import options


Select  Import my transactions

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