Duplicate, missing or incorrect transactions

Bank feeds occasionally experience issues which may result in missing transactions, duplicated transactions or transactions with incorrect information (e.g. merchant name).

This can happen when the format of the online banking website changes unexpectedly or due to other changes at the bank which require the bank feed to be updated accordingly.

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Duplicate transactions

For the most part, PocketSmith is able to detect and handle duplicated transactions that have been provided to us by our bank feed provider, Yodlee. When PocketSmith detects duplicates, it will merge the two transactions to show the most accurate information, including retaining any categorisations, labels or other notes entered in PocketSmith.

Occasionally, our system is not able to detect the duplicates. Most often, this is because the duplicated transactions have different dates (usually affecting pending transactions) or different merchant names (these are often updated after the pending transaction becomes posted).

To begin investigation of any duplicate transaction issues, we need: a transaction export from your online banking website for the relevant time period; and some examples of the affected transactions in PocketSmith.

Missing transactions

Occasionally, missing transactions are caused when the bank feed account becomes disconnected from the account in PocketSmith. You may notice that new transactions have been brought in since a specific date and that the bank account is showing in the Ready to connect section on the Account summary page, in which case it can be re-connected to the existing PocketSmith account.

Intermittently-missing transactions are more difficult to discover and are usually due to a problem with the bank feed that will need to be addressed by our bank feed provider,  Yodlee.

To begin investigation of any missing transaction issues, we need: a transaction export from your online banking website for the relevant time period; and some examples of the transactions that are not present in PocketSmith.

Missing transactions older than 90 days

When you first add your bank into PocketSmith, the bank feed attempts to gather up to the last 90 days of your transaction history. Following this initial import, the bank feed will then only sync up to the last 28 days.

If you are missing transactions older than 90 days, the bank feed will not be able to retrieve them to display in PocketSmith. The best alternative is to import bank files from your online banking into PocketSmith. Find out more about: Importing bank files into PocketSmith.

Incorrect transaction details

Changes - even minor ones that you might not notice! - to the formatting of account listing pages at online banking websites can result in the incorrect information for transactions being displayed in PocketSmith. Typically, this results in an incorrect merchant name: either displaying unexpected or incorrect information.

To resolve this, we’ll need some examples from your transactions in PocketSmith and a screenshot from your online banking website showing the desired transactions details for comparison.

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