Adding more than one set of credentials to an existing bank feed

PocketSmith allows you to add multiple credentials for one bank, which means you can connect your partner's accounts at the same bank or any other accounts you have at the same bank with different logins.
Credentials (online banking ID) are the login details (usually something like a username and a password) that you use to log in and access your online banking website.

Adding another set of credentials to an existing bank feed

To add a new set of credentials:

Head to the Account Summary page

In the purple toolbar, click Add new bank feed


From the list at the bottom of the window that appears, choose the bank feed you want to add new credentials to


Enter a Nickname to help you identify these additional credentials and click Next 


Select Which account types would you like to connect? and click Next


Enter your credentials and click CONNECT

Click Add New Online Banking ID
PocketSmith will need to perform a sync at this stage. Following this, you'll need to link and establish your bank feed accounts from under  Ready to link. Find more on these steps here: Establishing your bank feed accounts in PocketSmith
  • Please check to ensure that the credential form isn’t being auto-filled with a password manager or your browser because if the wrong credentials are entered repeatedly, you could get locked out of your online banking site.  
  • If you encounter an “invalid credentials” 402 error, please double-check your credentials by carefully re-entering them by hand

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