Shared access on your PocketSmith account

PocketSmith's shared access feature, otherwise known as, Advisor Access, allows you to invite another PocketSmith user - who could be an advisor, friend or family member - to access and manage your account alongside you without having to share your login details.

How it works

You can invite someone to share access to your PocketSmith account so that you can both manage and perform actions on the one account whilst having separate logins. Anyone who has Advisor Access enabled on your account will have full permissions and can do all the same things that you are able to do.

In order to enable Advisor Access, an invitation is sent from the account of the user (User A) who will be sharing access with another (User B). Both parties will need to have a PocketSmith account in order for Advisor Access to work. 

The recipient receives the invitation via email, asking if they would like to accept or decline Advisor Access. Once accepted, the recipient will need to sign in to their own PocketSmith account, where they will now have access to User A's account from their account profile (in the top right corner) under Manage Users. You will be able to see a list of times when the recipient has accessed your account.

People you might want to have Advisor Access to your account:

  • Financial advisor 
  • Spouse
  • Other family members


If the person being invited to manage the account wishes to use PocketSmith solely for the purpose of shared access, they can create a free account, with no need to add any bank accounts or data. 

Please note that the person with the free account will need to first proceed past the Welcome page before being able to accept the invitation and manage the account (as detailed below Creating a Free Account for Advisor Access)


It's not currently possible for someone with Advisor access to manage another user's account via the mobile app. They will need to use the Web app in order to make use of this feature.

Setting up Advisor Access

Here are the steps to invite another user (User B) to have advisor access to your account:

  1. Head to  Profile menu > Access control
  2. Choose Invite someone from the side panel 
  3. Enter the email address of the person (User B) you'd like to invite to have shared access to your account and click Send invite 

  4. User B will receive an email from PocketSmith, inviting them to manage your account
  5. User B will click on the link in the email to accept your invitation. They will need to have a PocketSmith account set up in order to accept the invitation. There will be another link (" create one here") in the email where they can set up a PocketSmith account if they do not already have one

  6. After clicking to  Accept or Decline, User B will be prompted to sign into their PocketSmith account. Once signed in, they will be taken to a page where they will click  Accept invitation 

  7. User B will now have access to your account. They just need to log in to their account and head to  Profile menu > Access control and click   Manage beside your email address.
  8. Alternatively, they can access your account at any time using the  Manage Users option, from their Profile menu on the top right of their PocketSmith account.

  9. When User B is managing your account, the profile name will change to  Managing Johnny Appleseed. They can return to their own account by selecting Stop managing - return to your account from the Profile menu.

Revoking Advisor Access

  1. Head to  Profile menu > Access control
  2. Select Revoke Access beside the user you'd like to no longer have access to your PocketSmith account 

  3. In the modal that appears, select OK

Creating a Free Account for Advisor Access

If you have been invited to manage a PocketSmith account and only need a PocketSmith account for shared access, you can create a free account with no need to add any bank accounts or data.

Please be aware if you have created a new PocketSmith account, you will first have to proceed past the Welcome Page before being able to accept the invitation and manage the account.

To do this, choose Advanced mode to move past the Welcome Page in order to accept the invitation and manage the account.

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