Adding a new account on the Account Summary page

Your transactional accounts in PocketSmith can be connected to a bank feed, use bank files to import transactions, or not be attached to bank feeds or bank files. Learn about the different types of transactional accounts you can add to PocketSmith. 

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Create a transaction account that uses a bank feed

Accounts are automatically created in PocketSmith when you add your bank feed and then connect your bank accounts to PocketSmith. To learn how to add a bank feed and connect your accounts please see:  Adding a bank feed and connecting  accounts

Create a transactional account that uses bank files

Accounts are automatically created in PocketSmith when you import your transactions with a bank file. To learn more about setting up an account with a bank file, head over to our   Bank Files topic.

If you're moving to PocketSmith from another personal finance application you might have an exported file you wish to import to PocketSmith to add to one your existing accounts or to create a new account with. Have a look at  Moving to PocketSmith to see if we have a custom import tool available to use. 

If your application isn't on the list fire us a message, with your help we can create one for you!

Create a transaction account that does not use bank feeds and bank files

Some users like to operate PocketSmith without importing any personal data from bank feeds and bank files and add their data manually. Or you may wish to add a cash account to your PocketSmith as an addition to other accounts created with bank feeds or bank files.

If you are new to PocketSmith and still working through your checklist, learn how to create an offline account here:  Starting PocketSmith without bank feeds or bank files

If you already have a PocketSmith account set up and you've completed your checklist, just use the steps below to open a new offline account:

Head to the  Account Summary page
All of your existing banks are displayed on the left side panel. You can choose to add your new offline account to an existing bank, or you can create a new bank.


All of your accounts in PocketSmith must be attached to a bank. If you are creating an account that doesn't belong to an actual bank institution, you'll need to create a bank with a "fake" name or add it to a bank you already have set up.


Adding a new offline transaction account to an existing bank 

If you want to add your new account to an existing bank in your PocketSmith, select the bank from the left panel. Then click  + New offline account in the toolbar and select  From a file import. Skip 3b and Continue at step 4.

 Creating a new bank for a new offline transaction account  

Select + New Bank from the left side panel. In the form that is presented, type in the name of your new bank, choose the currency for your new account. Select  Accounts from a file import and click  Save
The next form will ask for the name and balance for the account, along with the account type (bank, loan, credit card, mortgage etc). A add  the details and click  Save
Your account is now created! Because you won't be adding bank files, click the  X on the top of the form. 
Your Account Summary page will reload and display your new offline account! 

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