Resolving duplicate accounts in PocketSmith

If you have ended up with two of the same bank accounts within PocketSmith, this user guide explains how to resolve the issue so that all relevant transactions are within one account.

In this user guide


To automatically import transactions from the bank feed connection, feed accounts (accounts that the bank feed connection has found) need to be linked to accounts within your PocketSmith: Adding a bank feed and establishing your accounts

In PocketSmith, you can establish your bank accounts by:

  • Linking your feed account to an existing offline account that contains historical transactions, or;
  • Creating a brand new linked account 

Perhaps you intended to link the feed account to an existing offline account but skipped a step - unintentionally creating duplicate accounts in the process.

If you are keen to resolve this issue, please follow the steps below - if you get stuck at all, please get in touch with us!! We'll be happy to help tidy things up for you.

Duplicate accounts: one offline account and one linked account

The best way to resolve this situation is to:

Retain the original offline account, since this contains the transaction history - and delete the new linked account: Deleting a bank account from PocketSmith
Link the feed account to the original offline account in order to bring in your most recent transactions - keeping all transactions in one linked account: Link a data connection to an account

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