Current bank feed issues

On occasion, a bank feed can encounter an error that affects a large number of users with that bank feed - this is different to a bank feed error specific to just one user. Our bank feed provider, Yodlee, keeps us up to date with these known bank feed issues and we'll keep you posted on this page. You can also learn more about Yodlee, bank feeds and what to expect here: Expectations of our bank feed service


If your bank feed is showing an error but doesn't fall under one of the following banks, check out our user guides: Troubleshooting bank feeds and Bank feeds with persistent issues. If you are still having any difficulties, please contact our support team for assistance!

There are known issues affecting the following bank feeds

Investigations in progress

CommSec (Australia)

Connection Errors

UPDATE: November 27, 2020

Thanks for trying to sync your feeds after the 25th. Yodlee have analysed the logs produced by those syncs and now are on track for another update releasing on November 29th.

Please try to sync the feed after this date and let us know how things go.

UPDATE: November 24, 2020

Yodlee have been working hard on a solution and they hope to release their changes tomorrow.

Please try to sync your feeds after tomorrow and let us know if you continue to see errors.

November 18, 2020

We have been informed by our bank feed provider, Yodlee, that they are experiencing a widespread issue affecting most people using the CommSec (Australia) bank feed.

They do not know what has caused this issue but they are working on finding a fix soon.

We will be in touch as soon as we have more information.


Connection Error

November 13, 2020

Yodlee have informed us that Robinhood are currently blocking their access attempts.

They are working with Robinhood now so that they can be allowed access again.

Yodlee do not have any ETAs for a resolution of this issue as it depends on Robinhood and their team but we will update you as soon as we have any updates.

Target Credit Card

412 Connection Error

UPDATE: November 26, 2020

Yodlee have let us know that they now have a tentative ETA of November 30th for some changes they are working on.

Please try to sync your feed after the 30th and let us know if you are still seeing an error.

We will update you if this ETA changes.

November 10, 2020

Our bank feed provider, Yodlee, have informed us that this site is actively blocking bank feed data access, resulting in a connection error.

Yodlee are urgently working to resolve the issue, however it will require co-operation from the bank so Yodlee are unable to provide an ETA on a resolution.

We will continue to post updates as we receive any further news. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Recently resolved

Commonwealth Bank CBA (Australia)

415 Connection Error

November 13, 2020

We have had a few reports from users that they are seeing 415 errors on their Commonwealth bank feed. After an investigation, Yodlee have found that the error was being caused because Commonwealth Bank was randomly terminating the connection during the sync process.

This is something Yodlee are unable to stop from happening but they do say that the error should be temporary and a second sync attempt should clear the error.

Please let us know if the issue persists after multiple sync attempts and we can investigate further.

ANZ (Australia)

Missing Transactions

UPDATE: November 9, 2020

Upon additional confirmations that this issue has been resolved in multiple accounts, and no new incidents being reported, this widespread issue is now considered resolved.

Please reach out if you have any questions or suspect any ongoing issues in your account. Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE: November 6, 2020

We have received updates from Yodlee and from some users that indicate this widespread error has been resolved. As this has previously been observed to be an intermittent error, we will continue to monitor the feed for any new reports of missing transactions.

Please continue to sync this feed and reach out to us if any issues persist.

UPDATE: November 5, 2020

We have received an update from Yodlee. They have identified that a significant update was made last week to the ANZ site. This change is why transactions have not been gathered by the bank feed, or to repeatedly become missing after being successfully gathered.

They are working on updating the bank feed but they do not have an ETA at this stage. We will let you know as soon as Yodlee have any news.

November 3, 2020

We have been receiving numerous reports from our users saying that they are missing transactions in ANZ (Australia) credit card accounts.

It also appears to be only affecting transactions from after the last statement.

We have opened an investigation with Yodlee and we will let you know as soon as Yodlee have any news.

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