Current bank feed issues

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Our Learn Centre is being updated to reflect our newly rebuilt bank feeds platform, Data Connections. The guide you're looking at may reflect these changes, or it may still need updating.

If the Bank Feeds page (Accounts > Bank Feeds) is not available on your PocketSmith Account, you will first need to migrate to the Data Connections bank feed platform.

If you've migrated to Data Connections, but you haven't been able to find the solution you're after, please get in touch with us!

On occasion, a data connection can encounter an error that affects many users with that connection - this is different from an error specific to just one user. 
Please head to the Bank Feeds page ( Accounts > Bank Feeds) to check for any ⚠️ Provider Notices ⚠️ on your connection if you are experiencing errors. 
If the Bank Feeds page is not visible, it means you need to migrate to the Data Connections bank feed platform.

Most issues are temporary. To troubleshoot, please follow the below steps to trigger a sync for a bank feed connection
If you don’t see any Provider Notices, please get in touch using the Help menu in PocketSmith if your bank feed still shows an error after 48 hours.

Trigger a sync for a bank feed connection

Triggering a sync on a bank feed connection can be useful when:

  • The security information requested when your connection synced was not entered in time 
  • A connection has an error, and re-syncing the connection may fix it

Follow the steps below to trigger a sync:

Head to the Bank Feeds page ( Accounts > Bank Feeds)
Locate the connection you'd like to trigger a sync on
Click SYNC NOW or TRY AGAIN ( 'Try again' displays if the connection has an error)

The connection sync may not start immediately - if other bank feeds connections are already being synced, the most recent sync request will be queued until the others are complete.


For connections showing errors, we recommend that you try a couple of refresh sync attempts.

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